dRonin ToothFairy SucceX F4 mini V2.1

By yds on Sep 14, 2019

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dRonin AutoTune w/DALProp T5050C on 4S @ 549g including GoPro.

I suppose if I smash it into a tree at the end of the maiden flight. Then fly another half a dozen packs and get it lost in the bush, I might as well publish it as a complete build. No props broken through all that. :)

The two pics on the scale are:

  • 4S1500mAh@443g
  • 6S1500mAh@539g



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Jodie Froster   Sep 16, 2019  

I've always wanted to build this frame. How do you like it? Is it the most nimble thing on 4 props?

yds   Sep 16, 2019 

With them 5050 Cyclone props it's very punchy and at 550g AUW w/GoPro it's about 100g lighter than most of my other builds. First time I got to feel what they say about lighter, powerfull quads, there's no momentum or throwability. From another perspective it just goes where you tell it when you tell it. tends to go to the moon from the slightest nudge on the throttle.

Yah, you could say it's the most nimble thing on 4 props.. ;)

I wouldn't recommend the SucceX stack I used. The vertical SMD pins must've broke on the last crash. The FC no longer powers up from the ESC/LiPo, USB still works. a cable interconnect is much more resiliant.

Jodie Froster   Sep 17, 2019 

A. That sounds aweseome. B. I'm sorry to hear that your pins broke, that's a bummerito. I hope you can solder wires to the signal pads, I had to do that once and it was intimidating.

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