iFlight XL7 V4 - Long Range - GPS Enabled

By Airmaxx23 on Sep 16, 2019

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I've really been enjoying slow cruising lately with my other GPS enabled quads so I decided to build another one but with 7 inch props this time around. There aren't a lot of 7 inch frames but this one caught my eye since it has plenty of build space and it isn't over-priced for what you get.

I again used the Matek F722-SE F7 flight controller siince it has a barometer and plenty of UARTs. I already had a Holybro Tekko 32 4in1 ESC sitting around so I decided to use it for this build. It did require a bit of extra wiring to power the ESC from the flight controller but it was simple to hook up.

I drew up and printed the Hero 7 two piece mount, the flight camera mount, the GPS/Vtx antenna holder, the Immortal T mount and the motor wire guards. I found the arm guards/motor vibration dampeners on Thingiverse and printed those as well.

I recently ended up getting a bunch of the BrotherHobby Returner R6 2306-1660kv motors for a very low price and used some of them on this build.

The ViFly Finder 2 was taking up more space than I wanted so I separated the battery from the buzzer and mounted them next to each other.



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Mondofresh   Mar 07, 2020  

Would you be willing to share your gps/antenna mount STL file? Thanks in advance!

link76   Dec 30, 2019  

what about jello?

Chillidz   Sep 24, 2019  

Which lipos do you use and what's the flight time. When you fly efficient or bit aggro

CiggyTardust   Sep 23, 2019  

How'd the 2306 motors work out for you? I find them very efficient on 5" props but wonder how they'd handle 6" or even 7" for longer range cruising... is the power/throttle curve decent or kinda weak on the bigger props?

miromir237   Sep 17, 2019  

Looks very nice in that blue. I like the all-in-one rear antenna mount. Good job.

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