5.5" Super G - Cinematic Cruiser

By CiggyTardust on Oct 24, 2019

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Edit: To my great disappointment and shame, this quad has been lost. Five seconds after takeoff over the Wakasa Bay of Japan, it fell to the watery depths of the ocean due to a faulty prop nut. The quad is gone along with a pristine GoPro Session 5. Oh well.

Use Case: Mid-to-Long Range Cinematic Cruiser with GPS and ability to spin 5-5.5" props efficiently

This build was inspired by some of my favorite LR pilots (Jet, Gab707, Docl8 an dothers) and the desire to produce some cool cinematic mountain surfing footage during my upcoming trip to Asia. Footage will be updated here after that trip. I'm experimenting with getting smooth, cinematic footage and long flight times on a 5" platform, rather than going up to 6 or 7" which introduces difficulties in getting smooth footage and the added weight of larger batteries. So far it flies wonderfully utilizing 1050, 1100 and 1250mah 6S Lipos. I want to try out some 1800mah 6S Lipos and possibly an 1800mah 4S Lipo to see if the power-to-weight ratio is acceptable for mid-to-long range mountain flights. I've got the Radix flashed with BF 4.1 and RPM Filters set up and it flies really nicely. The PID tune is about 90% of the way there, just working on reducing propwash and slight wobbles when cutting throttle after punchout. You can see in my build photos that I initially built the quad with loose wires, but I hate the messy look so I later rebuilt the quad with tidied-up wiring and plenty of cable sleeving. Not necessary, but I feel much better with a clean build. I went all out with premium components on this build and conformal coated everything for the first time. GPS is set up and working, just need to test RTH feature before really taking her out far. I did take it out past 1km without issue. While it is a bit heavy at around 700g AUW with GoPro and 1100mah 6S Lipo, it flies really nice and smooth which should work well for my purposes. The last photos featuring a Grey Fox were from a recent flight session wherein the fox came out of nearby bushes, investigated my quad and sat down beside me for a solid 20 minutes. It was surreal and very cool, also making for some cool photos.



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DischargeNZ   Jan 06, 2020  

Very nice build mate, what size cable sleeve are you using on the arms? is that 6mm or 8mm?

DanYel   Oct 26, 2019  

Looks like very clean build for the Super G 5.5.. Good to see flight footage and time for LR cine.. Was tuning OK and what are best PIDs so far.. Thanks

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DanYel   Oct 27, 2019 

Sounds good.. Any sample flight clips coming and what approx flight times you get.. Thinking of similar build!

CiggyTardust   Oct 28, 2019 

Just uploaded a flight from yesterday. I can get up to eight minutes moderately cruising with a 1250mah 6S pack and around 5 flying harder with a 1050mah 6S pack. Average flight time with how I like to fly is around 6 minutes.

DanYel   Oct 28, 2019 

OK.. Thanks for the details..

Noboody   Oct 28, 2019  

Wow your dog is looking strange, is it allright ?

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