Golden hour grip twister

By kwadkenstine on Sep 24, 2019

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2207 2500kv too small too fast for 7056 props ?????
Maiden flight on 1300mha 4s default bf pids rates etc.
Hover at about 15-20 % throttle .
Flew better than i expected . A little time tuning and i will be investing in an r9 .
Then go cliff surfing up the coast at Kalbarri . The ocean road is twisty.
Flew it on 3s 2200mha 45c, crused snd did mild acro for about 5 min,
Higher c rating would work heeps better.



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MauiToast   Sep 25, 2019  

Did you make the canopy?

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kwadkenstine   Sep 26, 2019 

Have you ever embeded carbon rods during printing???

MauiToast   Sep 26, 2019 

no, never really needed to. Pretty easy to pause a print, just need to be there at the right time. If the design made it the only way to get it in, then yes I'd figure it out. Do you use discord ever?

kwadkenstine   Sep 26, 2019 

no i tend to get cranky when interacting with too much social media. if discord is different tel me so i will sign up.
pausing the print at the right time , my thinks as well.
one of my ideas is to make full female and male molds 3d .
Lay the composit and resin in and press into shape, i hope you understand,
Im sharing because i want to see more wild stuff built by us.
I dont care if my ideas get used or ripped off. Im not doing anything new.

Jodie Froster   Sep 25, 2019  

This might be your most polished looking build to date. Lookin reeeeeal good man :)
I hope you reprint that pod a little smaller so it fits on your bed. If you would like i'd be happy to modify the file for you.
I would like to see some dvr, just to know what 7" props do on those motors

kwadkenstine   Sep 25, 2019 

I will strap the fire fly to it and see if i can y tube it. I dont mind the print , looks like its happy, new printer ordered last week .
I would not want it to be heavier cause the battery came down a little worm at about 4min of fairly agresive fs.
Edit or add on ,.
Experience from drag racing (driving fast in womens clothes) showed me acceleration needs power and torque.
The motor needs power to resist breaking or to maintain state and torque to overcome enertia for acceleration.
When the load applied is greater than the avaliable torque of the motor the current spikes in responce as the motor cant accelerate the extra power turns into heat, similar thing happens when over torque happensand the prop spins in its own wake..
Hovering at 15-20% throttle I think the motors will be ok

Jodie Froster   Sep 26, 2019 

LOL@drag racing. You are right, the energy does turn to heat when you ask the motors to work too hard. If your battery is just warm I wouldn't worry about it.. there are levels. It wears them out faster if they come down hot, but warm is ok.
Excited for footage :)

Rc Exp   Sep 25, 2019  

what was the flight time with that kv?? Any vibrations?

kwadkenstine   Sep 25, 2019 

Needs a little p-d ratio to tighten it up a little . i threw it arround pretty good and it didnt bite me , full stick felt pretty good,
i mean with a little tune it would be sweeeet

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