MB Cinematic 7inch - II

By pete_oz on Sep 26, 2019

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This is a low profile long-range quad that can carry large (up to 140mm long) top mounted battery.

Matterhorn, Swiss Alps Lac de Moiry, CH

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Components used in this build :

  • Multicopter Builders Cinematic 7 (frame)
  • JBF4 v2 AIO FC
  • Multicopter Builders Primo 2208 2150kv motors
  • Flycolor X-cross (50A) ESCs
  • Foxeer Predator Mini v3 camera
  • TBS Unify Pro HV VTx
    • originally I installed AKK Dominator VTx but the built-in microphone was faulty so I swapped for TBS Unify and added external microphone
  • TBS Crossfire Diversity Rx
  • TrueRC Singularity Long SMA antenna
  • Beitian BN-180 GPS
  • Hellgate buzzer Duo
  • External microphone

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I'll be using following 7inch props :

  • Gemfan Flash 7040-3
  • HQ 7x4x3
  • DAL T7056C-3

I normally use CL Racing F4S on all of my builds but decided to make an exception for this build and instead used JBF4 v2 FC, it's basically identically designed flight controller (even using the CL Racing F4S firmware) but it's rated up to 240A and probably more suitable for this setup with 7inch props running 2150kv motors on 6S batteries. One major disadvantage is the fact that JBF4 comes with no SD card reader for the blackbox, instead only onboard dataflash memory is used and at 16MB it's not very usefull (it can record only one 5min flight before it gets full and then it takes 15 minutes to download the log file).

AUW with GoPro Hero6 and 4200mAh 6S Li-Ion battery is massive 1100g.
Built as a long range surfer it's actually reasonably agile quad even on a tight track.

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Batteries :

  • Home built 4200mAh 6S Li-Ion (21700 size cells)
  • Gens Ace 4500mAh 60C 6S (no way this is 60C, I would rate it 5C at best)
  • Swaytronic 4000mAh 35C 5S
  • Bonka 2200mAh 75C 6S


Part List


Cinematic 7 (10 builds)

Flight Controller

Joshua Bardwell F4 Flight Controller V2.15 AIO FC w/ OSDby RDQ (133 builds)


4 x Flycolor X-Cross BL32 50A ESC (3-6s)


4 x MB Primo 2208 2150kv (9 builds)


Dal Prop Cyclone T7056C PRO Propellers CW/CCW 1 Pack (4 Pieces) (2 builds)


Gemfan Flash 7040 Triblade 7 Inch Prop (Set of 4)


HQProp 7x4.5B CCW Propeller - 2 Blade (2 pack) (Black)

FPV Camera

Foxeer Predator Mini v4 Camera 4:3 16:9 1000TVL Super WDR 1.8mm PAL (102 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro 5G8 VTX Video Transmitter HV (SMA) (562 builds)


SINGULARITY 5.8 SMA (Long) | (2 builds)


TBS Crossfire Diversity Nano RX (2 builds)


Swaytronic LiPo 5S 18.5V 4000mAh 35C/70C T

Misc Parts

Beitian Smallest Mini Dual GLONASS+GPS BN-180 Micro Double GPS Antenna Module UART TTL For CC3D F3 RC Drone Airplane (3 builds)

Misc Parts

(LB #31) 4pcs Panasonic FC 1000uF 50v 105C Radial Electrolytic Capacitor Low ESR (2 builds)

Misc Parts

4 x Rubycon 12.5x20mm ZLH Low ESR 50V/470uF Capacitor (2 builds)

Misc Parts

HellGate FPV Buzzer DUO - HellGate FPV Buzzer (3 builds)

Misc Parts

FA-MT01 6-12VDC Microphone Pickup Aerial Audio Signal Collection For Camera FPV (8 builds)
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mynameisjdog   14 days ago  

This is a SICK build! I have recently orded parts for my very first build. Its going to be a 7inch meant for long flight times and high efficiency. The motors I order were the Race star air A 1200kv. Do you think this is to low and how you you think they will preforme? Many thanks

pete_oz   11 days ago 

well, everybody has different preferences, most pilots prefer lower kv motors on 7inch setups, for me 1200kv would be too low even when running on 6S, I just prefer performance orientated setup even at the cost of efficiency. it also depends where you want to fly, if you fly in the mountains then it's better to have more responsive (higher kv) drivetrain to fight wing gusts and turbulences.

jaredpa29   15 days ago  

Awesome build! I saw your Matterhorn video on r/multicopter and was blown away. I want to use this frame for my next build and will probably use this as a reference.

Question for ya: What is that second antenna next to your video antenna for? Looking at your parts list I think its for your GPS, but I’m not sure.

pete_oz   15 days ago 

thank you. that antenna is my 2nd crossfire Rx antenna because I'm using diversity receiver (it takes 2 antennas, I'm running 1x immortal-T and 1x home made whip antenna)

jaredpa29   15 days ago 

Cool! that makes sense. How good is the audio signal long range? Do you feel like hearing the motors helps you fly or do you simply enjoy the immersive experience?

pete_oz   11 days ago 

when the signal is weak the audio signal breaks similar way aa video signal can break. anyway it does help to hear the motors, especially when running Li-Ion battery and sometimes I would just forget to back off little bit if I didn't hear the motors.

rolyteamfly   13 days ago  

Absolutely phenomenal photos and build, swwwaaaaeeeeettt!

fazzfpv   14 days ago  

Nice built..

Jodie Froster   17 days ago  

Attention to detail coordinating your print colors with all your other accessory colors is second to none sir. Good lookin'.

pete_oz   17 days ago 

oh thank you. maybe you should know it was designed to match the colour scheme of my pickup :)

Jodie Froster   14 days ago 


dafunk   16 days ago  

"no way this is 60C" :)
you only want the r-line from these people. everything else i have tried is junk or becomes junk in less then 3 months

pete_oz   16 days ago 

sounds about right. I'm now using it only to charge other batteries with it on the field

Thomaat   16 days ago  

That 4200mah li-ion, is it a 6s2p?

pete_oz   16 days ago 

it's 1P (just 6 cells in total), weighs 430g

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