9" Long Range Budget Build

By S E M I N O L E on Oct 02, 2019

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I spec-ed out this build with low cost being a big focus. But didn't want to skimp out on the long range VTX or receiver. (since ultimately not loosing my drone would justify spending a little more on these 2 parts).

This drone is going to be used for cinematography flying over rivers and marsh, so GPS rescue is a must. I have gotten flight times of 15 minuntes so far using ZOP Power 22.2V 8000MAH 30C 6S Lipo (Weight: 920g). More updates to come if this build gains any popularity.

Also if anyone has a more efficient motor they would suggest for this built I'd love to hear about it.




Part List


HSKRC XL5/6/7/8/9 232/283/294/360/390mm Carbon Fiber FPV Raicng Frame kit for RC Drone (3 builds)

Flight Controller

DALRC F405 AIO Betaflight F4 Flight Controller MCU STM32F405 MPU6000 OSD 9V/1.5A 5V/2A BEC 200A PDB (5 builds)


4 x Racerstar RS30A Lites 30A Blheli_S 16.5 BB2 2-4S Brushless ESC Support Dshot600 for FPV Racer (8 builds)


4 x
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Genuine Gemfan 9045 (9x4.5) Propellers by RAYCorp. 8 Pieces(4CW, 4CCW) Grey - Glass Fiber Nylon 9-inch Quadcopters & Multiro

FPV Camera

RunCam Swift 2 CCD 600TVL NTSC Mini Camera FOV 130/150/165 IR Blocked w/ OSD MIC For FPV RC Drone (411 builds)

FPV Transmitter

2000mW VTX AKK FX2-Dominator Long Range VTX (6 builds)


Foxeer 5.8G Lollipop 3 2.5DBi Omni Antenna RHCP (2pcs) (106 builds)


Frsky R9M 2019 900MHz Long Range Transmitter Module and R9 Slim+ Receiver with Mounted Super 8 and T antenna


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Fly Sky FS-i6S 2.4G 10CH AFHDS Touch Screen Transmitter + FS-iA6B Receiver Self Center Throttle Mode for RC Drone Quadcopter (5 builds)


Eachine VR D3 FPV Goggles 3 Inch 5.8G 40CH Diversity Object Distance Adjustable DVR Built in Battery


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Misc Parts

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Ellou79   Oct 30, 2019  

Just out of curiosity why are you using such a bigmotor? I just bought one of these frames to use the gear off of my old TBS discovery clone. With the discovery clone I could get 15 minutes on a 4s 5200mah multistar. I think the weight and amp draw of those motors are whats hurting your flight time. Unless youre trying to do some acro also and need the power. With my 1kg ish Discovery clone I was running 2212 980kv sunnysky motors. Im sure there are better motors then those now but I think going with a smaller motor would help.

S E M I N O L E   Nov 06, 2019 

I've just switched to the Racerstar AirB 2514 1498KV motors. I haven't done any testing yet with them.

latex   Oct 13, 2019  

Great build! Does it needs to be 6s? I think you would be better off with those motors [£33.32]4X Racerstar 2508 BR2508S Green Edition 1275KV 4-6S Brushless Motor For FPV Racing RC Drone RC Parts from Toys Hobbies and Robot on banggood.com
or those more expensive motors
[£16.33]Racerstar AirA 2508 1200KV 4-6S Brushless Motor for Long Range X-Class RC Drone FPV Racing MultiRotors RC Parts from Toys Hobbies and Robot on banggood.com
and 4s as you would save 200gr weight on motors and have similar thrust.
Do you get oscilations with those thin for that lenght 4mm arms?

S E M I N O L E   Oct 13, 2019 

I haven't noticed any oscillation issues with these arms. I have been looking at upgrading to these motors(linked below) and saving the 3508 for a bigger build.

Racerstar AirB 2514 1498KV 4-8S

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