REAL 3" Squish Xoothpick

By wklee.fpv on Oct 02, 2019

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Squish Xoothpick
NameLessRC AIO412T F411 Flight Controller
RCINPOWER GTS 1204 5000kv
Caddx Turbo EOS2
TBS Unify Pro32
TBS Crossfire Nano RX
TACO-RC Micro LED Race Wire
3DPOWER 915Mhz Micro RX Antenna

Weight: ~62g



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g_gantic   16 days ago  

How do you like those motors? Would you be able to tell me how much thrust they pull on 4s?

wklee.fpv   14 days ago 

Hi, surely the best 1204 motors in the market. sorry that havent tried 4s but 3s is power enough to fly fast. 4s+3" props may be too much?

Badyan98   19 days ago  

Hey :)
Is there a File on Thingiverse or another portal, where i can find this Canopy?

best regards

Squamous   Nov 01, 2019  

You have any vibrations on the high end of the throttle? My 3 inch build has same motors and props.

wklee.fpv   Nov 04, 2019 

Hi, better upgrade to 4.1.0 what is your setup?

Squamous   Nov 08, 2019 

So, it turns out i just needed more TPA, up to 60 at 1350.

Junnicutt   Nov 03, 2019  

Comparing this to your other squish 3 inch it looks like you picked up 6 grams? Was that just in the motors? Did you notice a difference from the weight? I just got the same 1204s and Im using everything else the same but trying to decide on a frame, any tips?

wklee.fpv   Nov 04, 2019 

1103 is not powerful enough to drive 3" propeller. better use 1204 since it is more powerful and efficient!!

Jodie Froster   Oct 03, 2019  

Prints on point, as always. Your builds are inspirational

Sixx2099   Oct 03, 2019  

62g? This crazy. This looks like the supercar version of the toothpick class. Premium build. Great.

wklee.fpv   Oct 03, 2019 

62g is without battery.

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