Night Hawk

By mayan_hawk on Oct 17, 2019

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**I the serial # has already been used for this motor, I bought it off a friend

I saw the Diatone MAMBA f7 had multiple LED connections - so I decided to build a kwad that made use of all of them. Turns out only the LED pad near the USB connector is addressable, the other LED pins are controlled by a button with a decent selection of colors and patterns. I made use of two as you can see by super gluing them to the side of the sled. Overall the build wasn't too difficult, I did need to file out some parts of the frame - the tolerances are REALLY tight.

First hover/easy flight went well. Definitely a different flight characteristic. I feel like the camera is lower than I'm used to when I flip or roll.

The r9mm antenna gets decent signal, at 100mw I don't really dip below 80 rssi

Updates to come!



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