Demon Seed Mark 4 6S

By M490fpv on Oct 07, 2019

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Got my fingers on this really nice frame by Geprc. This Mark 4 HD frame is designed to DJI system, so everything fits in really nicely. Frame is super high quality, I just love everything in it!
I printed the air unit mount of Sainsmart red TPU and also designed the soft mounts to motors, that are also motor wire guides.
You can download the soft mount stl from
Motors are new  incredible looking Demon Seed 2208 1750 kvs.
Used a Caddx nd filter in camera. It needs some hot glue to attach.



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SpikeDiesel   Oct 08, 2019  

Noice man looks great.  Where did ya get the air unit tpu mount ?
Great design, might work for my build, cant find it on thingiverse

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M490fpv   Oct 09, 2019 

Original comes with the geprc mark 4 hd frame.

Xedos9er   28 days ago 

you definitely can share it. design is not patented and chinese don't give a damn about copy. they copy everything. so it would be nice if you could share it.

M490fpv   12 days ago 

Now it is on Thingiverse.
Please concider liking my builds!

Unknownfpv   13 days ago  

Good and beautiful job!
could you share your stl for the air unit case please?

M490fpv   12 days ago 

Now it is on Thingiverse.
Please concider like my build!

adroc   Oct 09, 2019  

How are you liking that frame?

bsutek   Oct 09, 2019  

for what is aboard just after camera?

Jodie Froster   Oct 08, 2019  

UUUUUUUNhhh.. such high-quality kwad porn!
The frame, the bat-sh!t crazy motor design, the red trim, the high end radio AND recording gear.
So guuuuuuuuudddd

M490fpv   Oct 08, 2019 

Thank you!! 😁👍

Thomaat   Oct 07, 2019  

How do you feel about these motors vs other 2208 options?

M490fpv   Oct 07, 2019 

no experience yet. just finished the build yesterday 😁

Thomaat   Oct 07, 2019 

It's looking ready to rip! Please give me a heads up when you fly that beast, looking forward to the footage! What props are you rocking on this quad brother?

M490fpv   Oct 07, 2019 

it is raining in my city, let's see when i can get this beast in air! 😁 I'm rocking ethix s5.

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