Bandito 2.5 rebuilt diamond dvr

By daich on Oct 10, 2019

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blew two motors in the last build so decided rebuild this with new set of motors and while I was at it, add a dvr, a better camera and some flywoo racewire LEDs (front motor wires were too short)
I also had to lift the top plate a few mm as it's now a dual stack which I couldn't sandwich that close together due to motor and vtx connector.

Maiden flight 13 October 2019

Update13 March 2020
65mm props on 11,000kv on 5a ESC 2s was a bit much. I blew out an ESC unfortunately. Might try to swap out the fets :P
Meanwhile I swapped the flyspeck lil' floaters onto this and put in an old crazybee f4 pro v2 which is also only 5a escs but this time the motor is 8000kv so should me adequate, fingers crossed.
Now a little rant about the Lil Floaters - it's such a shame that the motor is made SO solid but they somehow decided not to glue down the windings? All that secured the transition from windings to motor wire was a bit of heatshrink, which just floated fact very very close to the bell (some have reported rubbing). For them to design such a robust motor and then over look the windings is very sad. I consider these premium motors due to the price and the materials used (7075AL) but for the windings to come apart brings it down to happy model quality i.e. EX1102 rubbish
Anyhow, I've substituted the bad Floater for a GEPRC GR1103 8000kv for now. I hate having different motors but what can you do...



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DRFPV   Jun 02, 2020  

ps tbs will replace any bad motor :)

daich   Jun 03, 2020 

even if I bought them used?

DRFPV   Jun 03, 2020 

shouldnt matter if the motor dies it needs to be replaced.

joshielevy   Oct 13, 2019  

What's your experience with 2mm thick CFRP frames? How well do they hold up in crashes for you?

daich   Oct 14, 2019 

i dont have any experience with cfrp frames. do you know of any?
i have a few carbon fiber impregnated nylon frames that are very very durable but they have quite a bit of flex. check out my r3dshifter builds

joshielevy   Oct 14, 2019 

Sorry - just meant carbon fiber. The frame in this build is 2mm bottom plate, so was just wondering how they hold up to falls and crashes.

daich   Oct 14, 2019 

I don't crash hard very often but this frame has seen it's fair share of boinks (all over grass though) and it's been fine. I fly mainly over grass so generally it just gets dirty. The arm corners do get scuffed up really quick over pavement/concrete. For me the 2mm is OK for this weight..any heavier though 2.5mm might be better. It also depends on where and how you fly.. The latest revision of this bottom plate has additional reinforcements.

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