By HBe on Oct 16, 2019

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fovea   Oct 19, 2019  

awesome! thanks for post and share the design!

joshielevy   Oct 17, 2019  

It's adorable! But how does the frame hold up? Specifically: how does it handle my typical "landings" of dead dropping 10' onto grass? And how does it do accidentally slamming into a fence?

HBe   Oct 18, 2019 

After few days of abuse it's holding up pretty good. I've been crashing trampoline pipes and kids metal swing at full speed. Only one petg printed motor mount replaced. This thing takes quite a lot of beating.
Original designer Crashcoptergood have been testing and abusing his build a lot harder than I and still replaced only motor mounts (and few motors). Bottom and standoffs will hold up.

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