AR8 Free Range Ripper!

By Pete_Air on Oct 16, 2019

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Finally got around to building a Long/Mid/Free Range set up. The frame is an AR8 from SCULPTCOPTER. It is an 8" frame, but I'm running 7" props on it, with a 6s battery and 2806.5 motors. I built it 5 mm lower than the standard configuration to get the CG as low as possible, so it was a pretty tight build and I had to design some shelves to mount the receiver and VTX.
I also designed a camera and gopro session mount along with some antenna mounts for the duel CROSSFIRE NANO diversity antennas.
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Since GPS is mandatory for long/mid range, I designed a GPS mount that locates and orients the FOV for maximum clearance at cruising speeds.
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AUW ended up being pretty hefty at about 1 kg with a 6s 2200 mah battery and GOPRO.
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It's a heavy bird, but it flies super smooth and can do moderate freestyle. I've let it go 2 Kilometers so far and am still testing out props, but with the NANO diversity and GPS rescue mode, I'm pretty confident on letting it go farther!



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wxyzsupermod   Oct 16, 2019  

hey i have almost exactly the same setup -frame but ehat kind of flight tkmes are you getting on yriblades im only managing 5-7mins and i feel thats not

Pete_Air   Oct 17, 2019 

I have tried three different Props (DAL, HQ 7X3, and KingKong 7040) and two different 6S size batteries (1500mah and 2200mah). The 2200mah last about 30-60 seconds longer, so I think I nearing the point of dimishing returns with the larger battery. I get about 6-9 minutes pending on how I fly. Full freestyle flight is about 6 minutes, cruzing with some Freestyle is about 7 minutes, and all cruzing = 8+ minutes. There is a video I posted of some flights. Those flights were all about 7.5 to 8.5 minutes.

wxyzsupermod   Oct 17, 2019 

ok thats pretty similar to me then i was hoping for more but at least im not an outlier

Jodie Froster   Oct 16, 2019  

You get top marks: componenet selection, orginazation, fitment, and visual impact. All 10/10.
You have made great strides in your 3-D printed part design. I feel like you still have some work to do there, you have a LOT of extra weight.
That being said, I imagine it's an amazing experience the way it is :)

Pete_Air   Oct 16, 2019 

Thanks for the comments! It was pretty fun developing this build. I have never flown a Kwad of this size and weight before, but it handles well and cruzes super fast. The 6s 2200mah battery alone is 380 grams, so I may try a lighter 4S and remove the arm guards to see how those numbers work out.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Oct 16, 2019  

Now THAT is a super clean build. A+.

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