By SFPV on Oct 17, 2019

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Hey pilots!

Pre-order now open -

I'm so excited to be bringing you my new race frame designed by Falcon Multirotors. A box frame is something that we have been working on for a long time, but just couldn't get the design hammered out due to our busy schedules. We were finally able to get some serious testing done over the past two months and went through 3 iterations of prototypes. Huge thanks to CNC Madness for working with us to get the frames in our hands quickly. What we ended up with is something that I am so proud to put my name on and race with!

The first question everyone asks is how much does she weigh?? Well with this build (my first set up) I was able to get it down to 368g with all the TPU attachments and the 30x30 stack. I have another rotorbuild for my 20x20 stack setup that weighs 40g less at 328. Even at 368g, you have to keep in mind that a box frame has lift characteristics that allow you to get away with more weight. Start shaving too much weight and you end up with a frame that you'll be fixing after every crash.

Why do I fly box frames? Check out my blog post here -



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MauiToast   Oct 18, 2019  

Nice! Looks like a robust and simple design.

SFPV   Oct 22, 2019 

Thanks Maui!

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Oct 18, 2019  

God I dig it (Ryan L's ARX-R got me loving the "lift" effect from vertical CF), but I am knee deep in my last few builds of the season (OMG this micro hex is a real PITB w/a quarter-inch between the motors and ESCs)... maybe I can spring for the Solleva around the holidays. Very sweet design... nice to see some more innovation to frames.

SFPV   Oct 22, 2019 

Doooo it!

jdmkramer   Oct 21, 2019  

I cannot wait for mine to arrive! I've really enjoyed everything I've built from both of you. I'm still slowly building up my proper Lungo dream build. :)
I have a Liion powered lightweight 6" beefybanni that's got me wanting to go even lighter and more efficient. I think this is the frame to do it with.

SFPV   Oct 22, 2019 

You've got two classics already! I race the Banni for a year solid and still fly my original Lungo :)

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