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By FPVFrame Switzerland on Oct 18, 2019

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Hi FPV lovers!

I would like to share my most recent build of our StickiX Frame. Yes, its 'just another toothpick frame' but we put some cool features on it:

  • 2.5mm bottomplate, chamferred edges
  • quick swap Lipo mount
  • countersunk fc screws for Lipo protection
  • 100mm diagonal

Since we offer this Build also in a BNF configuration, I tried to build it as clean as possible. The VTX perfectly fits the pod and the antenna cable is strain reliefed and nicely placed. The (rebranded) XF Race antenna in the back also makes this build super clean.

The Lipo mount is my biggest favourite about this build, simply rotate the battery by 45° to free it from the frame. The battery has never fallen off since I use those mounts! (I really didnt like using rubber bands).

As always, inputs and ideas are welcome!


Part List

Frame StickiX
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Flight Controller



4 x BROTHERHOBBY R3 1103-8000 CLEARANCE (3 builds)


5 Pairs HQ Prop Durable T65MM 65mm 2.5 Inch 2-Blade Propeller for Ultramicro / Toothpick FPV Racing Droe RC Parts from Toys H (7 builds)
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FPV Camera

RunCam Racer Nano (7 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS UNIFY PRO32 NANO 5G8 (79 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano RX (389 builds)
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LWP_Quad   Oct 19, 2019  

I really like this frame. There are a lot of little details that I think are very well thought out that make this not just another toothpick frame. I really like the pod design as well. looks like it is light and lets some airflow thru for cooling. Do you have any plans to make a stretched x version? That would for sure make it the best 65mm frame on the market imo and I would buy several. I'd love a  bit more info or pics on how you mounted the XF race antenna. I have had terrible luck with them ( terrible rf performance and I break them cause of how I end up having to mount them) but i love the idea of them and the light weight.

FPVFrame Switzerland   Oct 19, 2019 

Thanks for your feedback and kind words! The XF Race is the mounted in the back and labeled with our logo. I attached some images to better show how its attached to the frame. I know quite a lot of people have had bad experience with the XF Race antenna but I never had any problems and think its a great solution for toothpicks (until TBS releases a smaller sized antenna).

I have not thought about a stretched frame but a 3" StickiX is coming soon. I'm not a fan of stretched unibodies since the cfk fibers are not properly aligned along the arms (but who knows a stretched one wouldnt take much time x) ). Also we have a new prototype toothpick frame in stretchX coming which offers alot more protection than all TPU canopy builds (because of its cfk pod), some kind of alternative to the TP3 (see picture).

LWP_Quad   30 days ago 

Thank you for the detailed response and the included pictures. That 3D printed mount is really slick.Is that something you guys sell or is the STL file available? I don't own a printer myself. That 3" prototype pictured look amazing. My experience with stretched micros is that they fly much better than similar true X builds, even when they are slightly heavier. I think the true X frames put the props too close together so they do not unload properly. ( this is my theory, anyways) Do you guys ship to United States? Sorry for all the questions This is something I really geek out on.

FPVFrame Switzerland   29 days ago 

Yes we do provide all STL's for free on thingiverse, however you need the stickix specific distance between motors so that it's aligned properly. You can try if it works on yours, the Stickix is rather small MTM with only 100mm.

Yesterday i had my frist racing experience with the new prototype 3" and i have to say its amazing. Yesterdays tests confrim your theory as in stretched on micros feels more stable than trueX (but still this is a personal experience, some might like liveliness on the truex).

Yes we do ship worldwide at fair conditions if you choose economy shipping. Would love to hear from you if you think about ordering something :)
No worries on the geekiness, we feel the same ;)

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