Apex HD Superdry

By M490fpv on Oct 19, 2019

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My friend told me in Instagram, that this build looks like Superdry -brand product, so I named this build this way XD

I got this amazing frame and wanted to add my own touch in it.
I bought some camo car vinyl wrap a while ago and decided to test it on this build. The wrap came out really nice!
Quad needed some bright parts, so I don't loose it to woods on my first flight. I designed some parts, that can all be found on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3923712

  • Arm plates
  • Motor soft mount/wire guide
  • Immortal-T mount
  • Adjustable antenna holder
  • Support piece to air unit front end
  • New front bumper

Weight with props and strap is 425g, with 1550 R-Line Lipo 615g. Not too bad?

Just installed BF 4.1 with rpm filtering. I just hope it stops raining really soon!!


Part List


Apex 5" HD Frame Kit
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Flight Controller

PYRODRONE F4 OSD V2 with VTX PIT mode (21 builds)


PYRO32F3-45AMP 4IN1 F3 32BIT BLHELI ESC 4X45A (7 builds)


4 x Moteur Emax ECO Series 2306 - 2400KV Brushless
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GEMFAN 51466-3 Hurricane - MCK - 4pcs (2 builds)
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FPV Transmitter

Unité aérienne DJI FPV (290 builds)
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Récepteur FrSky R9MM + Antenne Dipole T (EU) (6 builds)
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leanpitch   Mar 10, 2021  
Pylot818   Aug 27, 2020  

I'll be joining the Apex party soon! Love the color combo!

M490fpv   Aug 27, 2020 

Thanks! You won't be disappointed 😊👍

dummel   Nov 21, 2019  

Where did you get the skin?

M490fpv   Nov 21, 2019 

ebay, camo vinyl car wrap.

adroc   Oct 21, 2019  

Do you see any props or frame in view on the fpv feed with the wide angle of the DJI camera?

Noboody   Oct 21, 2019  

So cleen !

ledimestari   Oct 20, 2019  

Haha you actually used that name! Cool! By far my favorite build of yours. 😄

Jodie Froster   Oct 19, 2019  

It feels weird saying I 'haven't seen this color combo before'. I have seen it on a TON of dudes out hunting, and on all of their gear. It's new in this arena, and your execution is tremendous. I'm particularly impressed with: the angle of the cuts/ends on your wire guards out on the arms, AND the way your tpu matches the board color of your esc. I feel like we are in this interesting transitional period (right now) that allows ppl to feel VERY free to add tons of 3D printed parts to their builds due to the inherent weight reduction of removing gopros. Normally when you learn to make your own 3d printed parts you want to go nuts accessorising, but you have to temper that lust with the need to keep weight down. For me that ends up meaning that I design 5 or 10 different parts that I COULD use, but then I only use 2 or 3 of them, since the other ones can be replaced with double stick tape, zip ties, or some adhesives that are all dramatically lighter. It's so fun, but then bittersweet.
I think in a few months ppl will be used to this new performance standard (no gopro) and they will get back to trimming weight aggressivly, but for the moment builds like yours will fly, and flourish, and be more beautifull than anything before, or that ever will be again.

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