Venus 230 Dji HD conversion

By Pit fpv on Oct 20, 2019

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A few simple changes to adapt the dji air unit to the Venus 230 frame. Just shorten 2 standoffs to 18.5 mm with a file, enlarge the battery supports with the file supplied with the frame kit to insert the 2 upper screws of the standoffs and move the fc forward. I printed a support for fc 30.5x30.5 attached with double-sided tape to the bottom plate, printed the support for the antennas and fixed the Dji air unit with the double-sided tape. In this way I got a perfect frame for the DJI fpv digital system without modifying the frame measurements



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Jodie Froster   22 days ago  

I have been flying a URUAV frame lately. I have the QAVR-2 clone, and it's been a tank in some ways. I needed to add a washer in the middle bottom (they seem to have eliminated the sandwitch plate when they moved to the 2, and I have to assume it's to save weight) since all the arms converge and are heald in place by only 1/4th of the head of a single m3 screw. I hadn't seen this skyliner clone, and I always wonder if $25 is too cheap for a frame. How is yours holding up crash wise? Are you able to let yourself crash it, I know that air unit must be precious right now?

Pit fpv   22 days ago 

hi, I have 3 venus 230 frames, I have been flying with these frames for 6 months and I've had several crashes (with analogue systems, with the Dji I haven't had any major crashes yet) in these crashes I only broke 2 arms (crashes very hard ), in fact the only defect of this frame is how the arms are hooked to the body, the outermost screw of the arm is moved from the center and therefore makes the arm more fragile in the event of a strong frontal impact. The central body of the frame is instead very strong, in particular the cage that protects the camera which is 3 mm thick. I really like this frame especially for its stiffness and for its 235 mm. wheelbase that allow you to put propellers up to 5.5 inches and make it very pleasant to fly.

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