Blue Bunny - Droner 2.5

By DaveyDrones on Oct 21, 2019

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Posting my first build to share my learning experience. Im sure there are many things that can be improved, but I am pretty proud of getting my Droner up in the air with only minimal hair-pulling. Given this is my first venture into this wonderful hobby, I would love any constructive feedback avilable.

I live in a fairly tight urban area, so a full size drone was not in the cards. Using other rotorbuild aritcles and the assistance of some friends, I was able to create the parts list below. I have gotten about 2 full flights on my RDQ 3S 650mah batteries and it seems to be working well! So far no specific Pid or Rate changes, still figuring out where I can improve control.

I don't have a ton of confidence yet in the Xing nano motors, but man do they look cool!

10/25/19 Added the following 3d parts.

Firmware Used:

Kakute F7 Mini - Latest as of Betaflight 4.1 (Non Legacy)
Tekka32 ESC - 32.7
R9MM - 190201 2019-02-13
R9M Lite - 190201 2019-02-13

While I dont have any experience for comparison, I would say this came together fairly easily. Any problems I encountered were software/Firmware related and were resolved after a few hours of troubleshooting.

Problems Encountered:

  1. R9MM On the latest ACCESS firmware was not connecting correctly with my R9 Lite module. It would also not take a downgrade to the pre-access firmware. I had to purchase a second R9MM and load the legacy firmware. After that everything worked like a champ! I'm still not sure if this was a RX/TX binding issue, or that I was trying to use Fport.

  2. Motor direction was reversed on 3 of my 4 motors. After some fighting with the Blheli Chrome app, I discovered that my ESC requires the Belhli PC suite. Once I got that connected and updated, reversing the appropriate motors was a breeze.

  3. Currently struggling with OSD not appearing correctly. I will update as soon as I get this working properly.
    I plan on updating this build as I continue working with my droner, as well as take some more detailed photos to share.
    FIXED: Had to reupload the font and move some content away from the edges of the screen. Looking good now!

Thank you to Rotorbuilds for providing the guidance I needed! I also want to thank Oscar Lian and Joshua Bardwell, as I could not have done this without their excellent documentaton and video tutorials!

Edit 11/8/19: Added new photos of improved pigtail.



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00jferna   Oct 22, 2019  

That's a great looking build! I do reccommend that you cover your cap leads... its possible to short across them during a crash or just working on the bench.

DaveyDrones   Oct 23, 2019 

Thank you! appreciate the feedback! I was a little concerned about the pigtail/cap in general myself, I will definitely get those leads protected.

00jferna   Oct 23, 2019 

You're Welcome! And welcome to the hobby! I haven't tried installing the cap to the battery lead, I usually use a wafl's cap cap, seperate lead, heatshrink the whole thing, and then ziptie it to the frame (away from props).

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