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By Minichado on Oct 28, 2019

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So this is an experiment, which I will update as we test.

I have 5" 4S racecars that weigh 400gm in the air for racing. I have 950gm 6" and 7" 4S rigs for long range and filiming and one of them is 4S/5S 6" (1950kv). What I wanted to do with this experiment was build something that could handle high voltage/high RPM with 7" but also be light.

So we are looking at 362gm dry/677gm with 2200mah 5S lipo, which is like the weight of a fat freestyle quad, but with 2200kv/7" 4S (equivalent) drivetrain. Low(ish) weight, stupid high thrust. we'll see how it goes.

Update 1: 4S LOS and maiden flights fine, though lacking power as expected. 5S so far has caused the FC to wigout on arming, no successful 5S filghts yet.

Update 2: Betaflight 3.5.7 and dropped pids by 20-30 points from stock, and suddenly it can handle 5S, and it's exactly what I wanted, stupid speed! I only tested it in the dark on a discharged battery, with 45deg cam angle. I'll get it dialed up to 65 (where I race) and charge up lipos and find some daylight and really open it up sooner than later... so we'll expect an update from that as well




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HK-AERIAL VTOL   13 days ago  

Try scaling your throttle and adding some TPA @ about the middle and work it down until you get it under control with 5-6S. I run some 2408.5 Hyperlites with these props and it took a good bit of tuning down to get it smoothed out (note: I am talking about BF 3.5.7... My 7" quad absolutely did not like 4). I subsequently built a hex (same Hyperlites, same 7" HQ V1S), and that one flies like an absolute dream (3.5.7 stock tune).

Nice build (also... taking pics on the countertop? A pilot after my own heart!).

Minichado   13 days ago 

oh thanks! Yea I got it working, the issues on 5S were PIDS. they were way too high, and on 4s it was vibrating but on 5S it instantly went apeshit. I dialed pids way the heck down and was able to get some flying in, and it's dope! Check some flight footage here! https://www.instagram.com/p/B4Lx2iZHG_b/

Sticking with 3.5.7 for now.

jdmkramer   14 days ago  

I like this :)

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