4s 1303 4800kv Geprc Phantom

By matthew saigon on Oct 21, 2019

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i just show my build here, so i don't have to remember it.

if you like "toothpick" style builds, don't build this. it's very different.
i have this build with 4s 1106 4500kv, but didn't like it. flight time is way too short for me.
so i changed out motors for 1303 4800kv
slower in speed but fly nice.

weight: 71g
battery: GnB 4s 520mah
frame: GepRC Phantom
standoff: m2 14mm aluminum ( not in the picture but i just bought them )
props: Avan 2.5 inch
camera: runcam nano
vtx: tbs pro32 nano
motors: Amax 1303 4800kv 2mm shaft
flight controller: GepRC 12a whoop board

PID is ok, not great.
betaflight 4.1 w/o rpm filtering ( in picture )
throttle limit: 70% Clip ( i limit it to conserve battery, you go to 80% if you'd like )

10/21/19: i don't have video right now. i'll have it when the weather clears up.



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stippLe   Jan 04, 2020  

can u explain the diffe feeling haha. i jave the 1103s running 2s 450mah and feels weak.

was looking into 1303 power train. does it help... or is it too much weight in the arms for the prop.

Sneaky   Dec 02, 2019  

how did this quad fly with 2.5 in props on the 1303 vs the 3in props on the tp3? awesome idea

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Sneaky   Dec 03, 2019 

Yeah that makes sense i can imagine it feeling different. Im working on planning out my first build here, trying to do a tp3 powertrain on a similar weight, non tp3 frame. https://rotorbuilds.com/build/21005

matthew saigon   Dec 03, 2019 

there is not thing much you can do with TP3. it's already designed specifically the way it is. don't add too much weight to it. and good luck with your build.

Sneaky   Dec 04, 2019 

yeah this build will be at the max ~7-9g's heavier than the tp3 as per my calculations. Fingers crossed!

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