6" BanniBeef Slamwich

By jdmkramer on Oct 23, 2019

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Used mainly for testing components and my lighter DIY Li-Ion packs, this Bannilite prototype thing has become one of my favorite things to fly. :)

Getting 10 to 18 minute flights on Li-Ion depending on the setup and fly style.



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Jodie Froster   Oct 24, 2019  

Scoped the product page on that sweet updated 4n1+FC. I dig those boards, you're running yours on 5s and 6s? How is it holding up? How do you like those 1900kv motors on 4s?
Any chance on some footage?

jdmkramer   Oct 28, 2019 

I was really happy to find out this assgard thing runs 5 and 6s. I was only doing 4s when I got it. Being 5 & 6S Liion, I'm going pretty easy on it but it's holding up great. I have a bunch of dvr from the 10-18min flights but the two I tried uploading to YT stuck on processing. I'll get something up soon, but now I'll be focusing my lightweight liion cruising on the Aero7 w/ Runcam Hybrid. ;)

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