DJI FPV System iFlight TITAN DC5 HD

By Jayembee67 on Oct 26, 2019

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This is the final DJI FPV System build that I am planning to do for now, I have a nice little fleet and I should concentrate on flying the machines not building them. Plus these HD rigs are bloody expensive...

This is an iFlight Titan DC5 frame, the slightly updated DC5 with the Air Unit mid-mounted above the stack and generally more pleasing proportions, built out with the Holybro HDV electronics and EMAX mid-range motors. The frame comes with all the TPU bits you need, but I like to personalise, so I went for a few complementary grey and red parts, and some shiny standoffs.

The build came out very nicely, clean as these DJI builds always are, and iFlight is doing good work with the DJI gear, everything fits and looks good doing so. This is my favourite HD machine so far; swoopy, quick, fluid, and recording smooth 16:9 with absolutely no props in view. Splendid.

Here's a clip of the maiden flight from early this morning:



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Denoe   Feb 06, 2021  

looks great! Quick question: what is the total weight w/ a battery? For this quad which prop would work better: S4 or S5?
Thanks!   Jan 17, 2021  

How does it fly?? hear dead cat style frame are tough to tune and flies bad will have jello?

Jayembee67   Jan 17, 2021 

Well, check out the video above... ;-) But no, it flies very well, smooth, powerful and locked-in using pretty much BF 4.2 defaults. But, the Dead Cat geometry does change the handling; it makes turning stiff, sticky somehow. So Dead Cat is fine for cinematic cruisers, but it's not great for acro - the moves don't flow as smoothly as you expect them to.   Jan 16, 2021  

Looks very cool man nice build. Does the frame comes with the DJI antena holder 3d part? what is the leangth of the ipex to sma pigtail to connect DJI antena?

Jayembee67   Jan 16, 2021 

Thank you! And yes, the frame comes with various 3D printed parts - you get the antenna mount, the Air Unit cage, the landing feet and a 'chin' bumper to protect the front of the frame. The the pigtail is actually MMCX to RP-SMA, and I used 75mm ones which were plenty long enough.

bvifpv   Nov 11, 2020  

Nice build, but I have a question. What is the name of the white / pink cable between the air unit and the antennas? I'm making the same drone and I'm looking for that part. Do you have any idea where I can buy it and what its name is.

Jayembee67   Nov 11, 2020 

Thank you. So yes, those are MMCX to RP-SMA antenna connectors. You can pick them up on Amazon - something like this, or possibly longer:

bvifpv   Nov 11, 2020 


Mazin   Jul 20, 2020  

Nice build
But I think you install nano cross fire
Could you please explain how you wire it

Jayembee67   Jul 21, 2020 

I did indeed use Crossfire Nano. I soldered it to the underside of the FC, you can see in the 3rd from last photo; it's connected to the UART4 - R4 and T4, plus 5V and Gnd. The details of setting up Crossfire Nano, including the wiring, can found in this excellent guide:   Dec 19, 2019  

very nice build. Very smooth footage
Did you fly it with a gopro ? I seems to me that the quad would be better balanced with the dji unit in the back ( not in the center), in order to offset the gopro weight in the front.
If you flew it wth the go pro, did it balance out well with your 5 S battery?

Jayembee67   Dec 20, 2019 

Thank you! And no, I actually haven't mounted GoPros on any of the DJI HD machines, the onboard 1080p is as good as my Sessions I use in my SD builds. As such, when I chose the Titan frame I was specifically looking for a frame that had the Air Unit in the centre for the very reasons you cite.

But unfortunately that means I can't offer any insight into how a rear-mounted AU would balance, say, a GoPro Hero7 on the front, apologies.

edawg   Dec 10, 2019  

Do you have the link for the 3d printed sma antenna part? Thanks.

Jayembee67   Dec 10, 2019 

Unfortunately I do not, my apologies. That SMA mount comes with the iFlight frame and I have not managed to find an STL file for the part; I too wanted to reprint that with some colour, but alas, I could not find it anywhere.

nitram509   Nov 07, 2019  

Hi, this is a great build.
May I ask an off-topic question: how did you manage to embed your youtube video?

Jayembee67   Nov 07, 2019 

Most kind! And you can embed videos by getting the share link from YouTube and then putting that into the comment block. The system them just seems to handle that correctly.

nilssiravo   Nov 06, 2019  

The build came out very nicely!

Jayembee67   Nov 07, 2019 

Thank you!

joshielevy   Oct 26, 2019  

Beautiful footage - stable and smooth. Wonderful job!

Jayembee67   Oct 28, 2019 

Thank you! And yes, it's doing pretty much what I hoped it would do. :-)

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