1s Brushless F4 whoop

By Flowst8 on Nov 03, 2019

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Brushless F4 1s whoop

This M01 VTX is light but what a royal pain it is to solder. It came with pins designed to line up and solder neatly into a different FC. Removing the pins is a challenge because the antenna runs right over one of the pads. A very thin point soldering tip would have been handy on this one.

Once built, and tuned (using rates from Mr Shutterbug's video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz0MjU4Gg3A&t=353s) this thing flew wonderful!


Part List


Beta65X / Beta65 Pro 2 Micro Whoop Frame

Flight Controller

F4 1S Brushless Flight Controller V2.1


Jiffy Juice 603 19,000kv Brushless Motors


GEMFAN 4 Bladed 31mm 1mm Shaft Props (4 builds)

FPV Camera

M01 AIO Camera 5.8G VTX (Pin-Connected Version)
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Yukondokne   6 days ago  

1: can you give better detail on your camera mount solution? think i can get it to work on a brushless cockroach frame?

im hoping to hit roughly 20g with a canopy - as i had a capless build before and it did significant damage to my FC and cam/vtx - so more protection, ill take the extra 1g

Flowst8   6 days ago 

This camera squeezed in between the front ducts and a little welder glue holds it in place. the betafpv frame just happens to fit this camera really well in this spot

dummel   8 days ago  

WOW! good job on the weight! I will be building one similar this week and hope to get the weight this low

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catSupremacy   7 days ago 

i think direct solder would be heavier just cuz its mostly lead. idk for sure tho

dummel   7 days ago 

Im going to test your theory about the solder weight on my next build. the amount of solder would be key. Anyway, I am still gathering parts and will weigh and document it all as I build. Should have it here on the site in late November early December.

catSupremacy   7 days ago 

i'm interested to find out!

joshielevy   8 days ago  

That really is adorable - and yeah that board looks very difficult to work with, kudos to you for getting it running!

Flowst8   8 days ago 

thanks! sadly the price to pay was ruining the first VTX... accidentally put too much heat into the VTX board while wrestling with removing the pins. no joy on first plug in.
2nd VTX was a success though!

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