TWIG - Racer X - with RPM filtering

By JimmyProton on Nov 05, 2019

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Racer X Speed Racer TWIG build. Running BF4.1 with RPM Filtering. Flashed J-esc firmware. BetaFPV AIO supports J-esc...
Also, to avoid confusion if you are looking at my wiring as a reference, I am running F-Port on the R-XSR.

Fly's great. Very efficient and FAST.


update: Switched to HQ 3x2.5x3 from the 3x3x3 props. Slightly less current draw, lighter. Improved performance and better prop wash handling.



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Shinuza   Apr 27, 2020  

Nice build. The third picture helped me wiring one of R-XSR that's acting up, I couldn't wiring it on the SBUS pad, but uninverted + TX2 worked (sorta, still no telemetry)

SoleilFPV   Nov 06, 2019  

Gorgeous! Did Jared inspire you?

JimmyProton   Jan 07, 2020 

Yes he did!

LucaFur23   Nov 27, 2019  

Can i angle limit this drone?

JimmyProton   Nov 27, 2019 

If you like. You can angle limit ANY quad running betaflight (Assuming you have the accelerometer enabled). But whats the fun it that!?!

LucaFur23   Dec 03, 2019 

I have experience to fly. but it's been awhile since i've ever flown a FPV drone, so i would need to angle limit for a little before i rip the boom off my drone like i did the last time.

airlessfpv   Nov 16, 2019  

hows the performance of these motors? i saw the test numbers tested at 98 C on just 2S. Do they not get hot on 3S?

JimmyProton   Nov 18, 2019 

So far so good on 3S. I've flown it pretty hard outside and have not noticed the motors coming in more than luke warm.

solaireFPV   Nov 07, 2019  


JimmyProton   Nov 05, 2019  

And yea, before anyone comments, I intentionally put only one screw in each prop initially to create an imbalance in order to test the rpm filtering.

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