By kwadkenstine on Nov 05, 2019

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Rookie errors and other mayhem.
1 Not using counter sink bolts to hold the stack. Failsafed for some reason still to be looked at , from a lwu. Landed heavily on battery .
2 Not checking for damage after every flight with a new setup. Landed a little heavy . Strapped another battery on .
Armed lifted off and off and off and off and off, Disarm , falling falling falling Landed.
And one of the locals stealing stuff



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Jodie Froster   5 days ago  

That's a crazy big lizard, how many crashes did the 3D printed frame survive?

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Jodie Froster   4 days ago 

Well that's exactly what I was aftraid it would do. Hope you didn't lose too many parts

kwadkenstine   4 days ago 

nothing lost, I got leally violent with it on the previous pack and i think it actually started to fail in flight. Then a slightly less than gracefull landtng and it was all too much , next pack had a proper midlife .

kwadkenstine   4 days ago 

Just turned 50 , so i know all about midlife

joshielevy   5 days ago  

About those counter-sunk screws...what do you reccomend if your frame doesn't have counter-sunk holes?

kwadkenstine   5 days ago 

Um a better battery pad , I make sheets of kwadkengrip out of construction poly adhesive. make any thickness .
Some cling film some spacers and a couple of heavy books. There is some on the printed quad . should have put it on both.

Jayembee67   6 days ago  

A most entertaining write-up!

kwadkenstine   6 days ago 

Just sitting in my room watching the wildlife.
Glad your entertained

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