Digital BangGOD 6”

By Doobie52 on Dec 01, 2019

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WARNING: If someone offers to let you try their DJI digital goggles and you're not ready to make the switch, politely decline the offer and run away. Otherwise, be prepared to drop some coin. You've been warned!

I wasn't so lucky. A few weeks back I was minding my own business, just having some fun in a cool parking lot I had just found. Two packs in and a couple of guys who had been flying on the field behind me waved me down. I didn't even know they were flying there. They happened to be some local guys I had met before so we chatted for a bit before I asked them what channel they were flying on as not to cause any interference. They scoffed at my question. "We don't fly analog any more," they responded. "Pack up your things and meet us on the field." At this point, I still had no idea what I was in for.

I finally made my way over to where they were set up. As I unpacked, they started getting their quads ready for some more flights before the sun went down. "Here, try these on." I put the DJI goggles on my face and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The picture was amazing. For weeks I had been avoiding all the YouTube reviews on the DJI goggles because, well, they were by DJI. I just didn't think they had any place in FPV. I was content just getting to see the picture in the goggles. The next words out of their mouths were just the icing on the cake. "Get comfortable. Here's the arming switch. We run FalcoX so don't forget you have to double arm."

That one pack cruising around the field sold me. I went home and promptly sold my Spektrum DX8 and replaced it with a Jumper T16 Pro with a Crossfire module. Next, I started cleaning house on my analog quad collection. I flew the DJI setup for the first time on a Sunday and by the following Monday I had the new radio, the DJI setup, and everything to build the 6" BangGOD frame. I was finally able to maiden it last Saturday and I've flown every day since. My only regret is my lack of patience. I wanted the DJI setup for this past week as I had the week off from work. If I would have waited a week, I could have saved myself $150. Still totally worth it.

Now on to the BangGOD. It's heavy. Really heavy. I stated out flying it on 5" props and I wasn't immediately in love. There's always a bit of a learning curve with a new frame. I was running a new radio, new goggles, and a new frame so you can imagine how I felt the first time I took it out. After the first weekend, I decided I should try it with some 6" props. Bingo! Props arrived on Wednesday and from the first test hover in the house, I knew that was the problem. I also decided to try out RPM filtering on Betaflight 4.1 and the rest is history. I brought the laptop out to the field the other day and by the last battery, she was all dialed in. The video below is of the last pack on tuning day. I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face. The 5" BangGOD should be in the mail tomorrow.



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newtrojan   Dec 11, 2019  

Whats the dry weight

Doobie52   Dec 11, 2019 

I think it was something crazy in the range of 675 grams all up. It was too heavy to be efficient with 5" props, but it's a beast with 6".

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