7" Source One Long Range

By SandroFTW on Nov 09, 2019

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I was so annoyed by my long range wing that I wanted to build a quad.
This is my first build running EmuFlight. Even with that big battery it flies decently.

600g AUW (with props and gopro)
775g 4S4P 18650 10.4Ah

-> 1375g takeoff weight
~25min flight time

Edit 1 (18.12.2019):
Landed at 3.3V/cell (under load) after 20min.
I am going to try a 4S3P pack with 3500mAh cells to get the same capacity at almost 200g less weight.



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tehllama   Nov 18, 2019  

That pack seems crazy, even to me - do you think there would be any utility in a lower weight (4S2P, 4S3P) setup for the same general idea?
I'd want to run a 4S1P pack up top, and 4S2P bottom mounted, and see what that could do, but that's new territory for me.

SandroFTW   Nov 19, 2019 

It flies with up a 5S8P 2kg battery but I'll soon be building a 4S3P with either VTC6 or Sanyo 3500mAh cells.

tehllama   Nov 19, 2019 

Nice. That just makes me want to go fly around with my 6S 5000mAh LiPO pack.

jdmkramer   Nov 10, 2019  

That pack is a beast! What cell are you using? I'm loving the benefits of Li-Ion so much that I'm trying to work on some smaller quads as well. If only there were high drain 18350 I could have a proper 2" Li-Ion build. Love the build as well!

SandroFTW   Nov 10, 2019 

I'm using Sony VTC 5 2600mAh.
Take a look at Dave_C FPV on YouTube. He is working on some cool longrange micros

jdmkramer   Nov 11, 2019 

Watching the micro long range video now. Very cool!

rossmoney   Nov 09, 2019  

my goodness gracious, this is definitely a dream build for me... wow, well done!

SandroFTW   Nov 09, 2019 

Thank you! I started to plan and improve the component list almost half a year ago.

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