literal toothpicks.

By IcarusIX on Nov 10, 2019

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First micro since 2017 and first bl micro ever. theres a 'toothpick this toothpick that' thing going on, idek what a toothpick is even anymore. got the parts off fb and designed something with real toothpicks and like a true fpv-er, botched something together. performance impressed me but I cant really compare. 18g ish? flew fpv for a bit (fairly ballistic) but no pics sadly, and I smashed that up :( soI moved on and designed another one the next day. chopsticks for that next one (visible in a pic here) but I'll come back to designing a better actual toothpicks frame later

also sneaky shot of a few other canopies and incomplete things



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StickyRice   27 days ago  

Dude this is a whole new level of toothpick hahahah. Nice work here!!

Rc Exp   28 days ago  


IcarusIX   27 days ago 

duly noted

Rc Exp   27 days ago 

I wanted to type "fucking genius" but something hapoened there XD

DEinDEad   28 days ago  

are you dropping the STL?

IcarusIX   27 days ago 

with refinements, yeah I think I will. with a canopy or without, what would be better u think?

DEinDEad   27 days ago 

either way  as the frame looks fun

fovea   Nov 10, 2019  

the real one :-D nice! thanks for share

IcarusIX   27 days ago 

Haha this is less of a 'toothpick' than the actual one but it's got actual toothpicks so idk🤔 thanks :) v2 coming later

joshielevy   Nov 10, 2019  

Personally, I think you should get an award for making a toothpick out of toothpicks. Just lemme know where to cast my vote.

IcarusIX   27 days ago 

right here pls:
thank you.

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