Saitama Chopstick

By IcarusIX on Nov 10, 2019

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2nd bl micro ever. (designed built and flown within 12 hours of the last, send help) complete overkill of a frame. I'd be happy putting this canopy on a heavy 5 inch racer, that's how much of a strongboi he is. sadly the canopy weighs about 8g (very very sad) so I'll design another canopy some other time which is lighter. I also may have found the ultimate way to mount a receiver but what do you guys think? it also looks like an egg and or alien so that's neat



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StickyRice   Nov 11, 2019  

if you can put braces between each can probably go for thinner chopsticks :D....ive got experience with using sticks as frames :D

StickyRice   Nov 11, 2019 

also...isnt second season done? hahaha

IcarusIX   Nov 15, 2019 

I think second season is done, ye but I havent watched it, manga lol
And I am designing one with more braces but the idea with that one is to have a more 3d frame with angled toothpicks which are thinner bc that sounds like a lot stronger of a structure. yeah, I saw your chopsticks posts, love them! how are you finding them? tbh I dont know much about bl micros yet, im just learning

StickyRice   Nov 16, 2019 

theyre a pain in the butt to design on but prettyyy durable if you ask me. Im just experimenting now and just really trying to see if i can make it better. if you need any help tho just ask 😁

joshielevy   Nov 10, 2019  

Yeah - looks like a flying 1000 year old egg!

IcarusIX   Nov 15, 2019 

Awwww thank you!

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