By FlyingRabbit on Nov 10, 2019

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This is my first build with my fully enclosed TPU stack concept.
In my quest of an ultra durable quad, I developed a fully protected electronic stack, with only connector for external interface.

After few month of work and tweaking, here is the first version of the TPU stack :

  • T-motor F45 4 in 1
  • LDARC F4 with integrated vtx
  • R-XSR ( inbetween the board)
  • MT30 motor connector
  • Integrated capacitor (470µF 35V × 2)
  • USB cover

I hadn't a specific frame in mind when I started working on it, I just tried to make it the more compact possible. I got the FlosStyle frame toward the end, and it turns out to fit nicely with just few modifications.

The extra weight of the TPU and of all MT30 connector is around 30g. Because the FlosStyle is very light for a freestyle frame, the dry weight is under control at 356g.

My hope is that by using high quality component in a sealed enclosure, a stack like this could survive and be used on several quad.
I'm not quite there, I need to rework the top cover and to find a high quality F7 FC with Vtx. Just wanted to start some real world testing.

Nothing to do with the stack, but it flies great :)



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Jodie Froster   Nov 14, 2019  

I really love your ambition, and your exicution looks great.
I hate to say this, but it bears repeating... Those vTx/FC combos are really bad to overheat and fry themselves. Encasing it with the esc, and putting the rx inbetween is basically putting all your heat production in a box. I see the heat sync, and I hope it does what you need, but I would vent the case strategically.

FlyingRabbit   Nov 14, 2019 

Thanks ! yep temperature is my main concern in the long run. I will see how it goes ^^

Aurora130   Nov 11, 2019  

I really like the idea of completely enclosong everything, and the mt30s are top. The only real concern would be getting everything cooled properly, but I suppose the exposed heat sinks will do the job. Literally a tank, awesome work!

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