Inverted 4S Whilrygig (3")

By Kstone on Nov 11, 2019

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Built this up for a friend who wanted to try something really different yet didn't want to skimp on performance.

Note: The frame is completely custom of my own design so if your interested please PM me.

This Tricopter runs Betaflight 4.1 with motor filtering and has an attached Openlagger.
Weighing in at 142 grams with the 4S battery shown.
Thanks to the Emax 1108 motors, it boost a very nice TWR of 6 to 8:1. (Hovers around 12-15%)
I guestimate that just farting around you'll see a flight time of 4-6 minutes but full on crazy Acro may last 2-3.

Please be aware that I live in the EU so my over all cost is closer to $300 - 350.

Here is the video from it's sister craft (3" 2S Tricopter Whirlygig)



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secretman   Jan 18, 2020  

where you plug your servo ? i try to make the same setup but servo fuck me up tank's

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secretman   Jan 18, 2020 

tanks that was what i was thinking about but wasent shure led can output pwm

secretman   Jan 24, 2020 

led output u already got grn 5v and signal

Kstone   Jan 24, 2020 

I use the LED pad (remapped via Betaflight CLI for PWM), then the voltage tapped directly from the LiPo 2S battery. The battery is 7.4 volts and thus is ideal to use as the Servo source power. Just be sure to add a capacitor across so that voltage transients don't mess with then smoothness of the Servo. (100 uF @ 16v should do nicely)

joshielevy   Nov 11, 2019  

Post a video! I'd love to see it running

Kstone   Nov 12, 2019 

Its been shipped off but I'll attach the step-response so you can see how the in-house tuning went.

Only issue with this design is that Betaflight doesnt have much in the way of servo support. A while back we had Triflight, which was BF modified to allow for the servo endpoint claibration and in-flight tail tune. I'm hopeing that soon this will change and thus allow for better Yaw prediction.

Sasquads   Nov 11, 2019  

Dude, that looks awesome.
Is it a carbon frame or 3D printed?
I want to build one.....

Kstone   Nov 11, 2019 

Its made from carbon impregnated nylon. Can bend allot before breaking yet is very very stiff.

PM me.

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