By Ikuiku on Nov 11, 2019

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I am really happy with the performance of both the 1303 and 1204 motors. I can definitely feel the difference between both motors. The 1303 have a lot more throttle resolution down low compared to the 1204's. The 1303 feel like 2306's which I am used to flying.

11/12/19 - Some of the props didn't feel like a secure press fit :( Going to test out the new Gemfan 3016 props this weekend.



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StickyRice   Nov 26, 2019  

whats your flight times? ive been looking forward for a 3" lightweight quad but still hesitant

Ikuiku   Nov 26, 2019 

I am getting a solid 3.5-4min flight time with these motors on a GNB 520 3s.

airlessfpv   Nov 13, 2019  

I was really interested by these AMAX motors when i saw them, and thought about using them in a really similar setup. Do they not pull more than that AIO can handle?

Ikuiku   Nov 13, 2019 

The 12amp AIO can handel them no problem. I am usuing the 12amp AIO on a 4s 4in build https://rotorbuilds.com/build/20468 with out any issues.

IckySmell   Nov 12, 2019  

hell of a job my friend

Ikuiku   Nov 12, 2019 

Thanks IckySmell :)

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