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By kwadkenstine on Nov 23, 2019

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Low budget light painting rig.
Ir filter removed from camera to increase low light sensitivity , by allowing the camera sensor to use the ir light.
Ir filters are used to increase the vibrency or intensity of colours by blocking the ir light .T his is because most fpv cameras are re purposed security cams , designed to work under a wide range of conditions and with suplementery ir lighting.
Cheap car interior led lighting or those programable park / indicator led lights.
10 mm polycarbonate frame.
Old wizard motors (was a x220 that was doa or so my mate said as he handed it to me and declaired drones were too hard and went back to rc cars).EDIT went with some oomphs , stupid idea left hand thread bolts to hold props on.
4inch 4s f4 on 4.1 performance software . 30 amp bls esc j type so i can also try rpm filtering..
Mister Bungarra pretending to be a stick. He or she is a small one. i like having these guis about the house because they keeps the snakes down.
Snake season starts today ha ha. No seriously when summer is in full swing the Jo blakes hunt at night . No stomping arround the house in the dark without boots on ,youl get bit and die before you get to the car, forget about calling an ambulance , their too slow.



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sergetania   Nov 23, 2019  

Snake season starts!? How is that HA HA? 😱🥺☠️

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sergetania   Nov 26, 2019 

A couple of times I almost stepped on a snake in my basement. I screamed like a little girl (apologies to tough little girls that don't scream... talking little girls that scream 😱 like only they can). And those snakes were small garters, not venomous. It's not easy to find a venomous snake in PA. So obviously snakes are not OK!

kwadkenstine   Nov 26, 2019 

How about 30mm ants and spiders bigger than tiny whoops , Oh yeah and wasps that hunt BIG spiders .

sergetania   Nov 26, 2019 

No, thank you! Is that why Australia is so sparsely populate? Not everyone survives?

Simon   Nov 25, 2019  

Very nice idea! Would you please Post light paintings? I was always asking myself how this would Look :)

Jodie Froster   Nov 23, 2019  

So the poly frame is a cool idea, please update when it breaks, I want to see the material when it breaks!
I have to say, this one looks very tidy, and what's more, your solder joints are looking very good for all the practice you are getting.
I dig the light painting idea, I saw vortex, and snakefpv both did a video with it. I have come up with a few ideas for it myself, but don't have a camera that will do a long exposure like that. I hope you get cool shots with it!
I'm suprised the motor nut thread direction threw you off so hard, did you decide against it because you don't have any reverse thread prop nuts? I used a wizard x220 for months when I was learning to fly, and I ended up swapping out the lense for a wider fov, and it turned out the IR filter was attached to the lense I took out. I ended up with the same style ir sensitive cam setup you have now, and it was better in low light than normal fpv cams (though normal fpv cams are preeeeety good in low light). When I would fly it in the daytime, it had a purple tint to the fpv feed, that I liked. I would show dvr to my friends and they would ask why it was so purple, first thing.

kwadkenstine   Nov 23, 2019 

If it is true polly carbonate it should not brake ,the way i intend on flying it, interested myselfe to see.
Same with my camera atm, will se if my bro will loan me his SLR.
The armitan motors i used have left and right thread m3 cap head bolts to hold the props on. try finding a left hand thread m3 cap head bolt. Not to mention the stupid alloy washer/prop retainer.

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