Rocky's Dirty Merica Hybrid (the smart way)

By Snap Aerial Silhouettes on Nov 14, 2019

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OUCH! That's what an entire year of daily print testing with industry leading TPU will getcha.

Custom build kit for RockyFPV out in Washington. Sponsored racers get it in black, and it comes with additional aero-components (those fairings generate more lift as the quad is moving forward to add a floaty feel, and help laminate outgoing flow for more predictable side force, like throwing air at a baseball {our curved edges} instead of a brick wall {frame's flat faces}).... Who doesn't like going real fast? You tell me.

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kwadkenstine   29 days ago  

Brass bolts???? .

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kwadkenstine   28 days ago 

I hope the owners piano doesnt fall apart

Snap Aerial Silhouettes   26 days ago 

Update for anyone who was interested... we sent RockyFPV an email at 6:00 last night:

We have a few inquiries about your choice of brass bolts on that Merica collaboration, if it doesn't have a name yet, someone suggested "Piano," a nod to the high-design and delicacy of the piece. Can you provide your reasoning for the unique hardware selection? Is it just for the Steampunky look? We think the build turned out great over here, and hope you are enjoying it. Let us know when you need support of any kind for your custom kit.

... to which he replied as follows, earlier today, very interesting:

Thanks again for hooking me up, I love the way it turned out too. Haha yeah, the brass bolts are a pain in the ass to use because they do bend and you gotta use a flathead to get them in there but it is worth it because it is a Merica.

The thing is expensive, and every time I would crash hard with the two Mericas I built out in the past I would shear the aluminum bolts right off, and then you cant get the broken piece of bolt out of the threaded inserts in the bottom plate. I had to keep buying bottom plates all the time because of this, now the bolts just bend, I get pliers and wrench em out. Brass has a much larger potential for cold working under tensile stress, about 125% more than even most steels, so basically the material just stretches more before it breaks. Saves me a lot of hassle because it takes forever to replace the bottom plate on this one.

I will let you know when/if I need assistance, but it is holding up really well and my flying buds think its sweet.

... some clarity!

kwadkenstine   26 days ago 

Ua Hu as a novice i understand his reasoning . But as a metalurgest I cringe

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