DJI Cinepro

By Woz86 on Nov 14, 2019

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I have shoehorned in a DJI Air Unit into my Geprc Cinepro 4K.

While in pieces I have conformal coated the ESC and FC. I've had to stretch the top and bottom plate to fit in the Air Unit in by only using a single pair of screws on the front of the bottom plate and rear of the top plate. I've also been able to do away with the VTX from the stack.

I have tried to upgrade the FC to BF4.1, but because I'm not very good with tuning etc. I have re-flashed the shipped 3.5.7. With the added 3d prints to hold the Air Unit and cage protectors and a Caddx ND filter the dry weight is 165g. Adding a 4s 650mah takes it to 247g.



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Achaian   Apr 23, 2020  

i am thinking of buiding one 2 inch for indoor use, with a full air unit. How tight is the Air unit inside the frame? is there space for a tbs nano receiver?

Floki   Jan 07, 2020  

what sort of flight times are you getting and is this the 2 inch frame or the 3 inch?

Woz86   Jan 08, 2020 

2" frame i think.  getting 4 minutes odd with a 650mah 4s

Jayembee67   Nov 16, 2019  

On paper this feels like a brave but misguided idea, and yet there it is! How is it flying?

Woz86   Nov 17, 2019 

The addition of the air unit, to my untalented fingers, hasn't adversely affected the flight characteristics.  I think it's 14g heavier than the standard setup.  I've only been cruising with it so far, but that's about all I plan on doing with it.

Jayembee67   Nov 17, 2019 

Yes, not really a racing rig, I have one with the Tarsier and it is indeed a great little cinematic cruiser.

Excellent work, this looks far from unskilled!  🙂

Woz86   Nov 17, 2019 

Well I'm about to wholesale plagiarise your XL8 DJI build. It looks really cool and I have a spare frame just sitting on my shelf.  Just need to get another air unit and a Matek PDB that doesn't have a VTX built in.

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