Skele7on POWER

By Taylormadearmy on Nov 16, 2019

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This is the latest tweak to my Skele7on frame designs - this time for 1206 motors on 3" props.
On 3S this is faaast. On 4S its a rocket!

The latest addition to the frame (don't know why I didn't do this before!) is a channel to keep the motor wires out of the way. It makes a far neater build, better aerodynamics and adds no appreciable weight.

Here is a video on 3S:

4S is too fast for my garden!



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Junnicutt   Nov 16, 2019  

I've been wanting to print one of your frames since the the first skele7on and picked up some polycarbonate but every where I looked made it sound super hard to print. I have a maker select with a titan aero, 0.4mm nozzle, and pei print surface. Would this with and an improvised cardboard enclosure be enough to get a succesful print you think? Is there any other printing tips or recomendations you would have? I've also got petg, abs, and pla if you think polycarbonate is too difficult.

Taylormadearmy   Nov 17, 2019 

If you can get your printer hot enough then these frames are small enough to print without an enclosure in my experience... How hot can you get your hotend and bed? You really need a minimum of 290c+ for the hotend and 100C+ for the bed...
If not give it a go in ABS - I'd love to know if it works!

kirkdis   Nov 24, 2019 

PC is really a mess, you need to know your printer and settings afront really well. Use the PC to print benchies, and use it for daily makes to find out best settings. Yes you have to get really hot and you have to print fast because PC is shrinking a lot when it´s cooling down and then it curling and getting off the build plate. A heated plate is a must, an enclosure not necessarily...

Ely   Nov 17, 2019  

that dvr image is so nice. wish this is what we saw in our goggles

Taylormadearmy   Nov 17, 2019 

Yeah - I was amazed how well it came out! But have you flown with a Caddx Ratel? Its an amazing camera for the money...

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