ARX-R V2 Cruiser

By SkyLine FPV on Nov 18, 2019

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Hi everyone, this is the quad which I have worked on this quad for a while now. Its based on the ARX-R V2 6" frame by Ryan at QuadStarDrones (which I don't think is available anymore) but with a pod and GoPro mount I designed myself. The build was very tricky mainly because it is tight and I tried to make everything really compact which probably was a mistake.
It's designed to be as aerodynamic and light as possible while carrying a GoPro so that I can do fast long-range with a small pack. The pod took a lot of effort to get right because I am new to fusion 360 but i am very happy with the end result. My initial aim was to build a quad with comparable performance to a FR7 but with smaller, cheaper 1300mah 4s batteries. I'm still hopeful that it will be similar maybe with two packs in parallel or a slightly larger pack.
I have done some short tests which show it hovers at ~6A and cruises at 60km/h and ~9A. Ideally I would want to cruise faster (80-90km/h) but the amperage increases quite drastically after that so I think I need higher pitch props for it to be efficient.



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d'jazz.fpv   Feb 20, 2020  

yeah, it is a great build. whare do you bought the frame. it seems the website is currently down.
Did you shared your pod on Thingiverse ?

Jodie Froster   Nov 20, 2019  

So I have been thinking about your canopy and gopro mount since you posted this. Why have them seperate? Also: why doesn't any of the tpu extend out past the gopro glass, to work like a bumper? I think if you made a simgle piece canopy (since there isn't a wall between your electronicks and the gopro anyway) it would be good to leave the horizontal standoff that you are using as a fastener/barrier. I think it would be good reinforcement, in addition to keepingthe gopro from smashing into your flight stack. If you used the bumper(s) as a flexible latch mechanism you would still be able to take the gopro out whenever you wanted.

SkyLine FPV   Nov 20, 2019 

I designed the pod and mount without crashing in mind. This is not meant to take concrete hits or anything, just to be efficient and reletively easy to work on. The mount is only to hold the gopro onto the quad so the front is quite aerodynamic.
The reason I didn't have it as one peice is A) it would be a pain to print in one go and B) it allows the top of the stack to be easily accessible.

Jodie Froster   Nov 21, 2019 


joshielevy   Nov 19, 2019  

The 3d print on the pod is beautiful - that's a gorgeous smooth design.

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