Super135 -teardrop

By kirkdis on Nov 20, 2019

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this is my design from 2018. Proved and flying like a charm. 8 minutes flight time with 1080p video recording. 3s and 4s capable- depends on the ESC version.

Really snappy and lightweight and not falling under FAA regulation due to the fact the weight is below 250gr. more details on my blog

the frame has a special teardrop design to reduce airflow resistance. working on the successor, fully 3d printed with optimizations to the frame structure and weight reduction.

for all posts about the frame visit my blog category


Part List

Flight Controller

HGLRC F4.V2 Flight Controller for XJB F413 F428 F438 F440 (22 builds)


HGLRC Micro 13A 4in1 BLHeli_S (5 builds)

FPV Camera

Runcam Split Mini V2 (5 builds)
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kirkdis   Mar 17, 2020  

Working on the successor since a few weeks. I´m so excited for the maiden...

StickyRice   Nov 21, 2019  

Simple, Smooth, and Elegant. Bravo my friend!!

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kirkdis   Nov 22, 2019 

Thanks for your interest I tried a few materials. Started in prototyping with PLA but this was too brittle. The first flying prototype blue filament was polycarbonate. but this is a challenging material. the photos here show a special composite nylon glassfiber frame, but I also have some composites here. TPU I tried also but the filament I have here is too soft so the frame will not be stable. The frame feels quite sturdy but I changed already in my drawings a few parts to make it more stable. Goal is with the next version to get a superstable und optimized frame fully 3d printed as the carbon fibre plates are hard to manufacture and not everybody owns a cnc milling machine capable of doing such work. In case you are an experienced pilot without daily crashes you also can use the easy peasy PLA filament as it is easy to print and sturdy (but brittle as mentioned before)

kirkdis   Nov 22, 2019 

Attached a few design prototypes out of different materials

kirkdis   Nov 30, 2019 


kwadkenstine   Nov 20, 2019  

I like a lot . No seriously I LIKE !!!!!

kirkdis   Nov 21, 2019 

I´m happy for your feedback. Thanks!

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