TurboBee 3" Ultralight - 2S Hive 16 Stack

By outcastfpv on Nov 23, 2019

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iFlight Turbobee 136RS 3 Inch Frame, Newbeedrone Hive 16 Micro AIO Stack, HGLRC 1104 Flame 7500KV Motors.

Have had some difficulty with the stack as the Flight controller is defective, it twitches and constantly yaws to the left. Disabling the accelerometer and plugging in a battery seems to work fine but then on the next battery it returns to be being messed up again. However re enabling the accelerometer and plugging in a battery and test hovering seems to work again. but then for the next battery it will be messed up again. So its seems its the Gyro/ cpu thats the issue on the flight controller. I assumed a software issue as I thought flashing it with full erase might sort it out, but didn't

The Betaflight defaults leave this a little too loose for my liking but using the same tune as my previous Limitless 2S build seems to work fine, i added a screenshot of them at the end.

Unfortunately the latest available Betaflight for this stack (BEEBRAIN_BL16F) is only 3.5.4

Props to Test:
Emax Avan Mini 3-Blade
HQ TX3X3X3 3-Blade
HQ T3X3 2-Blade

I had to use the smallest strap i had which was the Diatone 1.0 x 11.5cm. I hate the tiny loop through ones that usually come with micros but these are great. they are the typical straps were used to, just tiny.

According to my cheap digital scale:
Dry Weight: 65.6 grams
Flight Weight: 95.4 grams (w/ 2S 450mAh Battery)

Not sure how much interest there is in these 3 Inch Ultralights but thought i would post anyway. Im not sure which i like the look of more, with the purple HQ Props or the Black Avan Mini's. I have included pics of both. I havent tried the 2-Blade HQ's yet, but with the previous Limitless build i definitely preferred the extra grip of the 3-Blade's. When i sort the stack out or just replace it with something else, ill eventually get around to trying more combinations. I haven't flown it enough yet to decide over the avans or hq's. i've flown only once on each



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StickyRice   Dec 05, 2019  

hey, i actually like ultralight 3 inch quads!! whats your flight times? looks reallly cool btw!

outcastfpv   Dec 05, 2019 

I only fly for about 3 minutes, maybe a little over, The 2S 450mAh comes down between 3.75v to 3.80v per cell depending

Conair7   Nov 30, 2019  

try the gemfan 3018 tri blades from fpvcycle.com they are awesome for light 3in builds. added about a minute of flight time over the hq 3x3x3

Jodie Froster   Nov 24, 2019  

There is a chance that a capacitor or two will sort that out

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outcastfpv   Nov 25, 2019 

No, in this instance it does mean caps don't help as i tried it. I put caps on my previous limitless build as minor noise was an issue with it, i swapped the flight controllers over, so the bad flight controller has some filtering. filtering wont help a hardware /logical fault

1Smug_Bastard   Nov 27, 2019 

Sounds as if the FC's got a quality issue... Ha e you tried another MFR ?

outcastfpv   Nov 27, 2019 

yes i used the fc from the other hive stack i have in a limitless frame for the 136RS's maiden flight, havent been able to fly again as its mostly raining. conveniently stops raining when im working though. i contacted newbeedrone and found out they still have some spares on monday but havent heard anything since

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