Li-Ion Cube

By jdmkramer on Nov 22, 2019

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After building a 4" Micro Reverb as a sort of micro long range setup with all the bells and whistles, I was interested to see what sort of performance I cold get from the original AMAX 1106 I had used on the Reverb, but in a lightweight build. 2S 18650 packs are 90-100g, so I wasn't expecting much gain...

Flew around my neighborhood for 16 minutes before seeing the first blip of my 2.9V low battery warning. Out of curiosity I flew the same setup with the new RDQ 2S 2500mAh TX pack since it weighs the same and has a similar capacity and C rating. I was able to fly for around 14 minutes before hitting 3.3V under load. I'm not trying for flight time either. Just zipping around the trees and houses until my thumbs hurt. I'd do more flippy flops during tests but I'd probably crash, so I make sure to punch out and turn very hard every so often to crank up the amp draw. I'll be doing a long range cruise test as soon as I figure out how to get a GPS going on the BetaFPV 20A AIO. :)



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joshielevy   Nov 22, 2019  

Wow...impressive! What's your total weight with and without the batteries? Also - do you need the 1106s because of the battery weight? Also - what do you think of the Diatone frame? I'm working on a similar design in 3mm and am slightly worried about ruggedness...

jdmkramer   Nov 22, 2019 

Battery weight indeed! The quad weighs 87g and the 2s 18650 weighs ~100g! I actually bumped it up to 1108 for more power and it still flies for a stupid amount of time and can handle a 3s 18650. This Li-Ion thing started with my long range builds but now I just want to use these cells on everything, so I'm working on the best configurations to do that from 2S to 6S. Still trying to figure out a 1S as well. I think it would be funny to just pop a cell into a battery box on the bottom of the quad :D

DEinDEad   Nov 26, 2019 

have you considered 10440 (AAA foot print 10 grams and apx 300mah) or 14500 ( AA foot print 20 grams and apx 600mah)?

jdmkramer   Dec 02, 2019 

I've been interested in anything smaller than 18650 that can put out a steady 15A. I will have to check those out. Thanks!

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