A Bit Rough XL8 DJI Reimagining

By Woz86 on Dec 29, 2019

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After getting the DJI FPV system I've decided to put it in my Geprc cinepro4k and my XL8.  Both of these quads weren't designed for the air unit, so I've had to bodge them a bit.  With the addition of some 3D prints for the camera and the air unit the XL8 manages to carry off the DJI system pretty well.

The quad ran blheli s from when I originally built it a couple of years ago, but I wanted to try rpm filtering on BF 4.1.  Luckily UAVFutures made a video the other week how to upgrade blheli s firmware to enable RPM filtering.  The upgrade was painless and BF worked straight out of the box.

Maidening the rebuild, I could tell that the PIDs were not great, but upping the master slider to 1.5 has reduced most of the bobbles.  The only thing that went wrong today was on my third pack I slammed the quad into a fence post, shattering 3 props and ejecting the gps, never to be found again... o well...



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NorCalNomad   Apr 18, 2020  

What KV motor did you end up going with? I'm building up a 7" with the same motors. What sort of flight times are you getting?

Levin   Dec 31, 2019  

Rotorbuilds does not convert currency, and for a second I was afraid that you really paid 46USD for 2 pagodas :D
Will You Post flight footage? Also, no wonder you lost 3 Props in a crash, those things explod if you look at them wrong. Are you planing to upgrade?

Woz86   Jan 01, 2020 

yeah the currency converter is totally wrong, i re-used 90% of the parts from a previous build.

can you suggest a better set of 8" props???

catSupremacy   Jan 10, 2020 

these ones are better balanced, but you will probably get less flight time: https://www.racedayquads.com/products/hq-prop-macroquad-8x4-5x3-tri-blade-8-carbon-reinforced-prop-ccw

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