Lightweight 4S 1304 on 3-inch with HD, RPM filter

By virtual_stephen on Nov 23, 2019

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Had fun with some 1104 7500KV with 3S alongside 2.5" Avan props and the Pickle Mini frame - using JESC an RPM-filtering to drastically reduce propwash - so thought I'd try the Pickle 3" option. And hopefully keep the low-end bunch of the 1104 with enough power to push a 3" up to speed fast without struggling. Had tried 1105/1106 on 3" bi-blades and felt that it was having to take a run-up to everything I wanted it to do, power wasn't there on-tap unlike on the 2.5" props.

Check out some 1304 motors to allow for good torque but going lighter on the amps. These are LDARC XT1304 which have a T-mount.

The Avan 3024 were running really well but I'm testing out the HQ Prop 3.1x3x4 to see if it has better punch outs. On the Avan 3024 the build is efficient and throwing it around with aggressive acro and some speed runs I can still get 4 minutes flight times.

And of course it's carrying the Caddx Turtle Nano Whoop edition! thanks to the Eachine Nano for that. Canopy is the Nucleon Micro AXII version. Tough and rigid plus room for the axii in the back. RX/TX wired to FC to start/stop recording on a mode switch cos I'd don't want hours of me tuning on my SD card ;-)

NamelessRC AIO412T board running JESC and RPM filter on Betaflight 4.1.1. Propwash almost entirely eliminated after tightening the canopy a little and reducing the filtering.

Best thing about this, no props in view if you keep the camera title past about 35 degrees!

Note: the eachine nano doesn't want to speak Tramp properly for reasons that are entirely inconclusive. I tried a regular UART TX and also a SOFTSERIAL but only pit mode works, no channel or band or power setting with Tramp. Had to play morse-code on tiny LEDs to setup the VTX, I would definitely not recommend doing that often. Need to check soldering and might swap the nano vtx for another eachine nano or perhaps the namelessrc nano. Eachine nano get's dangerously hot on most of it's modes and the lack of any mounting options or anything to act as a heatsink is kinda a pain. I would be concerned about the heat involved being enough to distort 3D prints, it's certainly enough to melt the glue holding it to the foam tape between it and the turtle.



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Fernandez   Jan 05, 2020  

I Am also about to try the 1304 - 4000kv 3inch on 4s, very similar configuration, I was thinking to go voor tattu 650mah packs, what size you do recommend, I hate sagging lipo, which I think is the problem going to small size pack.

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Fernandez   Jan 18, 2020 

just weigthed my packs: mah*V/1000= Watt Hour
tattu 4s 450 - 56gram, 7.56WH 0.13WH/gram
gaoneng 3s 550 - 55gram, 6,93WH 0.126WH/gram
tattu 4s 650 - 68gram 10.92WH 0.16WH/gram

Note the Tatu450 and gaoneng 450 are 2years old (maybe current packs are lighter ?) , the 650 tattu I just got this week, but relatively, you get almost 20% better energy density on the bigger pack.

virtual_stephen   Jan 24, 2020 

Yeah, the cables make a difference to overall energy density on smaller packs but lighter = more responsive and the difference is felt in tight turns. For cruising I have a 4S 750Mah which works fine and gives long flight times. 4S 450Mah gives 3-4 minutes of aggressive freestyle.

virtual_stephen   Jan 24, 2020 

Are those cells HV? My 450Mah GNB is 53g and only 6.84Wh and it's a HV. So I think your tattu should be less than 7.56Wh. I only charge the cells to normal non-HV voltages to reduce wear so my usable Wh will be less.

virtual_stephen   Nov 23, 2019  

Will update once I have flown the HQ 3.1x3x4 props.

virtual_stephen   Jan 06, 2020 

HQ 3.1x3x4 cause lots of vibrations.

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