BigBird (Iflight XL7 V4)

By T0mPi on Nov 30, 2019

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I want a long range machine, so here is it, XL7 3S setup. TODO this section. :)

Here is some footage video with insta 630 one X and gopro hero 7 black

Update 2020.01.
I changed the motors to Emax ECO 2207 1700KV ones, and do some test run with 2 blade 70x45 props, and works much better then the 3 blade ones, here is a selfie video about this, in freezy weather, 1 min flight in -1 Celsius mades instantly frozen props



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zsoltm   Jan 03, 2020  

Nice Build! I bought the very same frame. It arrived today. Gonna do a 6S build on that, started already, will post the results :)

Piccolo   Dec 23, 2019  

Szép build!

T0mPi   Dec 23, 2019 

Köszi! Van még vele jócskán dolog :)

miromir237   Dec 02, 2019  

Really impressive dry weight for a 7". I guess it will fly pretty long.

T0mPi   Dec 04, 2019 

I have shaky problem with it, and I didn't know how to resolve it. Do you have any suggest? I Saw on your profile many 7" quad :)

kwadkenstine   Dec 05, 2019 

Hi If you are using betaflight 4,1 , Reset all pid values to default and then set d min to ( ZERO)
Then change the ratio of p to d with the sliders and also how fast and how strong they come on.
Please let us know how it went

miromir237   Dec 05, 2019 

I was able to solve jello with fiters but there was always shakes for me (they were very minimal when there was no wind). So I bought Hero7.
I am attaching my PIDs for MBEpic Cinematic 7" which is pretty heavy quad (~920g AUW).

King_MC55   Dec 11, 2019  

Where did you buy protective cable for motor wires?

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King_MC55   Dec 12, 2019 

How wide should it be?

T0mPi   Dec 13, 2019 

6mm one can be fine, I using that one.

King_MC55   Dec 13, 2019 

Thank you.

Oeliboeb   Dec 04, 2019  

that capacitor is thicc af

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