2.5" 2s

By wiigelec on Dec 13, 2019

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design specs

purpose: racing
prop: 2.5"
frame: 115mm
batt cells: 2s
mot kv: 6000-8000kv
auw: 120g
t/w class: 6x
tot thrust: 720g
mot thrust: 180g
75% tot pow: 245 W
75% tot cur: 33 A
75% mot cur: 8 A

build specs

frame: 125mm (14g)
motor: 1106 6000kv (8g)
esc: 12 A
batt: 650 mah (32g)
auw: 117g



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Yinka_Brasil   May 28, 2020  

Hi there, which props are those in your main picture? In your list of parts you have Gemfans 2540, but the other ones look different (maybe HQs?). I'm assuming you decided on the Gemfans for better efficiency? Just curious. Thanks!

L0stB1t   Jan 15, 2020  

Looks amazing. How would this compare to the original GepRC Phantom? And what flight times do you get at 450 or 650 mAh?

wiigelec   Jan 16, 2020 

thanks for the comment!

i have never flown factory phantom so no way to compare. also this was a winter build so no outside flytime yet just basement hovering. get 6+ minutes hover time, though for actual hard flying i only require 3 minutes

sharkbyte   Jan 15, 2020  

Have you tried the 8000kv motors? Did you test with a smaller lipo too, like a 450mAh?

wiigelec   Jan 15, 2020 

thanks for the comment!

8000kv motors - generally i like to use the lowest kv motors that meet the design thrust specs. of course this is still on paper since the weather is not conducive to outdoor flying. once actual flight performance is assesed it may be necessary to consider higher kv.

wiigelec   Jan 15, 2020 

battery - i did consider 450mah but for only ~2g more the 650mah made sense.

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