air hammer

By kwadkenstine on Dec 06, 2019

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just another tpu canopy thrasher. Not realy sold on the canopy
one day i will get off my assets and go the 1000km road trip to my home town , catch up with a bunch of dudes i havent seen in 30 years , just found out old mates are into fpv.
This build is aimed at being as tough as i can make it without being as heavy as a trad freestyle rig. my reasoning is , i can always add bigger battery.
Also with the z config i run props out to protect the camera and because the stack is not in line with the props , less dirt and geass makes it into the stack. Whitch is safely housed between 3mm carbon.ESC placed on inside of arms to help protect from prop strike, also mounted with ds tape
So what is the plan. AT THE MOMENT air units are about the $270aud mark, eventually i would like 3 air units , mounted in similar pods so i can swap them around and have a bunch of frames with all the guts in ready to plug the air units in and go.
I cant even bring myself to put my old goggles on any more.
Being able to flop the goggles over my glasses and actually seeeeeeeeeeee stuf .. OMG!!!!!!!!!
Will swap my other goggles for a good ground station message me.
D term what is i and wot does it actually do to the motor and esc.
Firstly these are only my observations.
P term = push. pure motor signal from fc to give acceleration and torque.

I term = sustain. signal from esc modified to give better torque controll to esc output.
D term = stop. signal from fc modified in a way as to prevent the propeller from spinning up and down wildly as it loses and gains grip on turbulent air. this causes heat as the magnetic histeresis of the coil magnet comblination is used to effect motor controll.



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Jodie Froster   Dec 09, 2019  

I is like P, but with a time component. When the quad isn't in the orientation you told it to be, the I term adds rotation to the craft to get it where it should be, and if it stays out of alignment over time it tries harder and harder to correct the attitude. Ideal for counteracting drift from wind, and with anti-gravity it corrects "swerve" on punchouts.

kwadkenstine   Dec 09, 2019 

Yes I is like P + time. But what i actually want to know is what the esc is actually sending to the motor during prop wash , what is the stratigy for handeling dirty air, Do they just clamp down on gyro inputs and drive the motors to follow setpoint, I feel so dumb sometimes

Jayembee67   Dec 06, 2019  

Another remarkable creation! Fantastic stuff. And yes, I am absolutely there with you; if I fly SD these days, I always do that first before going to the HD, otherwise all the packs will go through the HD rigs...

kwadkenstine   Dec 06, 2019 

Yes ANALOG is dead to me.
Clean signal .
Tough casings.
only 5 wires
No endpoint cal
No midpoint cal
No skrewing arround with the remote att all FANTASTIC.I hate transmitters and their makers (FRSKY im looking at you and the bunch of slack turds involved with the nirvana debacle.)
I am not a DJI fan boy But the old has died.
PS dji makes a quality product, not THE BESTEST . So the others better lift their game , or have they already lost.

Jayembee67   Dec 06, 2019 

Yes indeed, all of that! This feels like that moment now long ago when Sony announced they were getting into the games box business and Nintendo and Sega both said "Naw, how sweet, you have fun with your game box..." and then the PlayStation was released and everyone was amazed. But it made Nintendo and Sega better companies; I hope DJI is doing the same to the rest of the industry.

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