By Jayembee67 on Dec 05, 2019

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I saw this frame, and even though I had emphatically claimed that I had no intention of expanding the HD fleet, I had to have it. To be fair I wanted a DJI-enabled 3-inch machine at some stage, and had been eyeing a couple of possibilities, but this thing leapt to the front of the queue, and had to be possessed at once.

It was a tight build, there really is only room for the FC and ESC under the middle plate, so that means the RX can only be mounted on top of the middle plate. And then there is a need for leads to be passed through the channels in the carbon, which is fine for the Air Unit's plugged connection, but is why I used pin headers on the Crossfire Nano; I can take everything apart without a soldering iron (and yes, I know, the leads are reversed, I spotted that before I powered up...) Tedious and a bit messy though, and as such I suppose that this frame is best used with the full DJI stack and no external RX.

Still, it seems to work; it makes beepy noises, hovers around the basement, sends and records HD video, all that good stuff, and looks rather splendid and unsettlingly insectile / xenomorphic whilst doing so. But I shall need to wait out the rains to properly test fly and see what it really does. More on that later, I imagine.

UPDATE 2019-12-07
I managed to squeeze in a maiden flight this morning before the storms started, and early returns are encouraging if not amazing. It flies quickly and nimbly but it obviously needs some tuning; currently all BF 4.1.0 defaults and it works, but there is too much rattle and shake coming through.

SECOND UPDATE 2019-12-15
I have now managed to get a firmware together that support BF4.1.1 and so have enabled RPM filtering. And whilst it hasn't fully eliminated the strange large scale oscillations, RPM filtering has done an impressive job of smoothing out a lot of that other issues. Still work to do, but this is now flying a lot better than it was.



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kirkdis   Dec 09, 2019  

what is the weight of the setup without battery? Looks nice so far.

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Jayembee67   Dec 10, 2019 

Yes, trying to squeeze this tech into a 3" machine is asking for a bit much, to be honest... :-) I competely agree with your prediction, I absolutely expect the release of an Air Unit v2.0, and that it will be much smaller, hopefully a 30x30 footprint to better squeeze into more standard frames. And thank you,it came out nicely, and just today I set it up for RPM filtering, and that has made a lot of difference, it was flying so much better this morning. RPM filtering, unexpectedly impressive!

Jayembee67   Dec 12, 2019 

Well, THAT didn't take as long as I was expecting: http://www.multirotorguide.com/news/caddx-vista-vtx-for-dji-digital-fpv-system/ And DJI licensing this tech too? That's very interesting.

kirkdis   Dec 12, 2019 

nice finding! but from a business point of view this is the next step how to collect the customers money. Thanks for sharing...

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