PickleBig 4in

By bootbox on Dec 10, 2019

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Huge thanks to ledrone.club for publishing this frame design on his Thingiverse page!

I had a 4in version cut from 4mm CF by CNCmadness. They do great work quickly at a fair price. Can't say enough good things about either them or ledrone.club

I love the design of the canopy and how it does not mount using the same screws as the flight controller! It makes the build so much simpler and allows a ton of flexibility when it comes to stuffing components under the lid. If you need a bit more space for the VTX and RX, just use 5mm larger standoffs to raise the canopy up slightly. If you don't, slam them down. It's a perfect solution to a ton of the issues with pickle/toothpick type builds.

I decided to finally try my hand at multicolor TPU printing on this build. By manually inserting M600 codes after the appropriate layer start lines using notepad, I was able to get my Ender 3 to park the nozzle off to the side with the motors locked so I could easily change the filament color mid-print. I had originally thought I was going to use the blue/pink RCinpower 12xx motors so I made the white canopy with the blue and pink stripes but decided instead to use some 1306 Emax motors I had so I made another canopy in red and black.

This build was super fun and I can't wait till the weather clears up so I can get it up in the air!



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