Hyperlow 5" LR

By fmcprogrmr on Dec 11, 2019

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8km / 5mile Flight



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Mr. MacGiggles   Aug 06, 2020  

Super clean build. Really like the the Antenna setup. I'm planning on using the VAS 915MHz mini's on my Super G build. What did you use for the antenna mounts (VAS)? Did you machine something custom? Or did you use something like a Steel mending plate and bent it at an angle?

fmcprogrmr   Aug 07, 2020 

Thanks! I fabricated the antenna mounts myself from a .6mm aluminum sheet and a 1.5mm black plastic sheet from Amazon. Both can be easily cut with household scissors. The aluminum mounts are attached to the frame with screws. The plastic mounts are between the aluminum mounts and the antenna. The plastic mount is to avoid having to mount the antennas on metal as it would mess with the antennas performance.

Fallkon   Feb 07, 2020  

why not list motors and props? are they that bad? lol

fmcprogrmr   Feb 07, 2020 

they are not bad but they have been discontinued a while . Rotorbuilds can't find a link for the DJI snail 2305 motors and prop.

AECRADIO   Dec 16, 2019  

Personally, I prefer distsnce over speed.
Long range control, long range video with good frame rate are tops.
Love the build, and keep those antennas upright.

StickyRice   Dec 13, 2019  

we need more and more frames with that battery connector mount!!

FrostedFPV   Dec 12, 2019  

Wow this maybe the cleanest build I have seen when taking into account the size and all its features. Are you not running a gopro on it? or did you remove it to make it look cleaner.

fmcprogrmr   Dec 12, 2019 

Thanks! I love building almost more than flying lol. I used to have gopros on my quads. My flying style is pretty boring, no one was interested in watching my recordings. I just sold them and bought some quad parts.

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