Hyperlow 5" LR

By fmcprogrmr on Dec 11, 2019

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Did a long range upgrade to one of my older quads. On this build, I wanted to try a vertical RC antenna setup, which works really well. Very consistent signal even when turning far out. I also switched from Frsky R9 over to Crossfire, which was a great decision. With a homemade 4s Molicel 21700 45A 4200mah pack, cruising flight time at ~55km/h is about 20mins in wind calm conditions, which gives me 8km/5 miles one way. Crossfire signal is still good at 500mW max and dynamic power set to on. Video is pretty bad at that distance. Love the BN-220 GPS module. Always gets a fast fix and sees lots of satellites, even with all the antennas right next to it. Never seen less than 13 satellites when flying. The RX antenna mounts are homemade and hold the RX antennas higher up and in a "V" pattern. VTX, GPS and XT60 mount is homemade from a 1mm thick aluminum sheet.

Motors and props are the discontinued DJI Snail system. It was never popular. The ESCs it came with were non-open source and never worked right. The 5" 3 blade snail props combined with the 2306 2400Kv snail motors is a very efficient and high quality combo. Countless of flights on these motors and the bearings run still like new. Props are extremely tough.



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AECRADIO   Dec 16, 2019  

Personally, I prefer distsnce over speed.
Long range control, long range video with good frame rate are tops.
Love the build, and keep those antennas upright.

StickyRice   Dec 13, 2019  

we need more and more frames with that battery connector mount!!

FrostedFPV   Dec 12, 2019  

Wow this maybe the cleanest build I have seen when taking into account the size and all its features. Are you not running a gopro on it? or did you remove it to make it look cleaner.

fmcprogrmr   Dec 12, 2019 

Thanks! I love building almost more than flying lol. I used to have gopros on my quads. My flying style is pretty boring, no one was interested in watching my recordings. I just sold them and bought some quad parts.

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