Beta FPV Toothpick Hybrid - 85X 4k 4s internals on HX115 frame

By qwadkiller on Dec 15, 2019

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I had robbed my tarsier camera off my BetaFPV 85X 4K 4S for a 5 inch build and decided to make a toothpick with the Beta FPV HX115 frame using the remaining internals from the 85x. The 85X has a 16a Blheli 32 ESC's (separate FC and ESC) and the HX115 has a12a BLHeli S ESC (AIO FC/ESC). . The HX115 and 85x 4K 4S both have the same 1105 5000K. I used a spare 3D TPU caopy for my older 85x 3S HD trimmed to fit the Caddx micro turbo camera,

The HX115 FPV model, without battery, weighs 66.6g. (67.4 after I added a buzzer and additioanl motor mount screws (1ea per arm. Came with only 2 screws per arm. Now have 3. This is with 3blade prop)) I weighed my hybrid in at 77.1g. makes sense since i have a separate FC/ESC and heavier camera and 3D canopy. But it is a screamer with the 3 inch HQ 3x2 pros and flies so much better on the HX115 frame vs the original 85X frame!, I had very little propwash which I'll try to tune out later. I have the real HX115 on order so it will be interesting to see how different they fly with the 10g difference and 4a esc difference. Video below is on 450mah 4S battery.



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beardieFPV   Jul 21, 2020  

is your flight controller USB facing up or down? looks like my wire are a bit short on the plugs.

beardieFPV   Jul 13, 2020  

how to you access the usb on the esc? i noticed you have it flipped as opposed to the 85x base layout.

qwadkiller   Jul 14, 2020 

Due to the original orientation I had to put the esc board on the bottom in order for the motor wires to reach the connections. Also there is nowhere to attach hardware to secure the esc board. It is wedged between the posts that secure the FC. Not ideal but it is secure. I had to calibrate and program the FC prior to installation on the frame. If I need to update I have to take it off.

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