Whisky On The Rocks GEP VX5 Budget 5 Inch

By OptimaZe on Dec 17, 2019

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I simply purchased an Eachine Tyro109 kit and installed all of the components into the GepRC VX5 frame. Flies great, and was under $200 to put together.



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MackStolzFPV   20 hours ago  

how does this build fly? And what kind of flight times do you get?

OptimaZe   17 hours ago 

It performs very well. Faster than I had expected on 4s. I haven't tried it on 5s yet. On 1300mah Ovonic packs I get over 4 minutes of flight with a lot of full throttle bursts.

MackStolzFPV   7 hours ago 

Good to hear those flight times. Any issues with the Eachine VTX? I guess there notorious for going out. Or any issues with any of the Tyro components?

MackStolzFPV   4 days ago  

I like this build. What do you think about doing the same thing, but using the Tyro119 instead, to get a 6s budget quad?

OptimaZe   4 days ago 

I've been thinking about doing that exact thing. I think it'd be awesome!

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