TransTec Tiny Attack 66mm 1S Brushless

By OptimaZe on Dec 18, 2019

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This wasn't officially a build since it started as a PNP model. I just had to install my RX, but I have however spent quite a bit of time tuning the rates to my liking and getting it to fly exactly how I like so figured I'd share it. This is the TransTec Attack 66, it is a 66mm 1s brushless "Whoop" however it flies much differently than a traditional Whoop since it has prop guards rather than a ducted frame.

The little bird uses a 16x16 stack with an micro F4 FC, a 10A blheli_s 4 in 1 ESC, a Caddx Firefly AIO cam/vtx combo, and 0802 22,000kv motors.

Flight times are only about 3 minutes on 450mah 1s GNB batteries, however it is 3 minutes of extremely quick and nimble flight. It appears as though the model has been discontinued by TransTec likely due to the poor flight times making it not a very popular model, even though for me it is one of my favorite Kwads in my collection and the Kwad I fly the most in my backyard.

I will be handing the clear canopy over to an airbrush artist soon for a custom Xenomorph paint job and will post a couple more pics once it is finished and installed.



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